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Re: When did everyone start hating Cena SO much

Originally Posted by itssoeasy23 View Post
Because he was pushed as the top face in a time of the internet and smarks. If The Rock never left I'm guaranteeing you he would get the same hate Cena get's. If Hogan was around in the era as the top face he probably will be shot.

He was put over established talent from the Attitude Era and the Attitude Era fans took this as "shoving him down their throats." When, in fact that's how you push a new top guy. You have to have him beat the already established guys. That's why he beat Jericho, Angle, Edge, Triple H in such a short time, they were building him up as the next top face. It was to solidify him as the top guy in the company. Austin didn't have to do that. When Austin began top face, all the 80's star were over in WCW, so they have to establish other guys for him to beat to put him over.

That's why I started to hate Cena, when he was beating all the guys I was use too seeing. But Triple H was the final straw. When he beat Triple H I couldn't stand him anymore. He was winning all the time and the internet and Youtube just fueled by hate of his character. Luckily I realized why he's being pushed and why he wins all the time. He's the top face.

Some fans can't move on from Stone Cold Steve Austin. Their use to the beer-drinking, ass kicking redneck. Now, we have a clean-cut superstar who's about Hustle Loyalty and Respect. He's about do the right thing. He's completely opposite of Stone Cold.
I completely agree, and they won't even let Stone Cold even stunner Cena, cmon already!

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