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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

WWE Smackdown 05/06/2011 - World Heavyweight Championship Match: Christian vs. Randy Orton

Such a great TV match. That had a huge pop for the win, but both guys had the crowd in the palm of their hands the entire time. The match was very well executed and structured to provide some great drama and nearfalls at the end. Very exciting, it was shocking to see this at the time. My only regret was reading the spoilers before watching the match. Oh and the camera work as well to capture a nice range of emotions through each man's facial expressions. ***1/2

WWE Over The Limit 2011 - World Heavyweight Championship Match: Christian vs. Randy Orton

16 minutes of beautiful Back and forth counters and reversals which made for a phenomenal story with each man becoming more and more desperate to just hit something BIG, and Christian’s desperation selling was amazing. Some great nearfalls too especially after the spear that was a counter to Orton's punt kick. This blew their Smackdown match out of the water (and that match was great in it's own right). These guys have uncanny chemistry together and this was downright incredible with each man countering each other's signature spots in ways never seen before while the crowd went crazy for everything they did. ****1/2

WWE Capitol Punishment 2011 - World Heavyweight Championship Match: Christian vs. Randy Orton

Yet another really good match from these two, buy not as good as the previous month but still a great match to watch. Plenty of counters again but also the added dynamic of the Orton concussion coming into play, which Orton sells very well. and the screwy finish with Christian's foot under the ropes does bring it brings it down a little, but it was still a good way of adding a new element to the feud. ***3/4

WWE Money In The Bank 2011 - World Heavyweight Championship Can Change Hands Via DQ: Randy Orton vs. Christian

This was their usual excellent little match with all kinds of great counter sequences, but the icing on the cake was the well-booked finish which made Christian come off looking like a CLB BASTARD!, cowardly heel and puts Orton over even more as a badass. The post match beat down is good and the crowd loves it. And for some reason announce tables never seem to break for RKOs. It was probably the weakest of their series, but even so it was still very good. ***1/2

WWE SummerSlam 2011 - No Holds Barred Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton vs. Christian

So the Orton/Christian feud has come to its finale well is PPV matches. It’s Before the match, Christian brings out Edge. While you would think Edge would give him his total support, Edge tells Christian that he thinks he has become a whiny, CRYING LITTLE BITCH. And then Edge just walks out. Okay now for the match. These guys have had what, half a dozen matches against each other? While this one might not be the technical masterpiece that their Over the Limit encounter was, it's just a complete 180 with the hardcore spots and was just a total brawl. First it Started off with the usual counter wrestling that we've gotten use to then they turned it into a brawl with some brutal spots. One thing i noticed and thought was smart was that Christian loses the title with the same move that he first lost the title to but this time it was onto the steel steps. There were all kinds of psychology thrown in too to show us how well each man knows the other after so many matches together, and some of the spots were pretty brutal as well. Great match here, and that would appear to blow the feud off for good as Christian goes down clean and decisively. The whole series has been great, and it’s definitely time to move on, but this was a tremendous way to end it. ****1/4

WWE Smackdown 08/30/2011 - Steel Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship: Christian vs. Randy Orton

I've said it time and time again that Christian and Randy Orton have phenomenal chemistry with each other, and that was once again on display in this match. Christian and Orton found a way to make each match exciting and distinct. This match seemed poised to be the blow-off match for their feud and it was cause post match Henry destroyed Orton in the cage and raised the World Title HALL OF PAIN! but before that I must speak more on the match. The final few minutes were exciting to watch with the counters and fake-outs and previous spots from matches. The finish with Christian attempting the Killswitch from the top rope only to get RKO from the top rope instead was great. A fantastic end to a feud that always delivered in the ring. ****

Post Match: Mark Henry’s music hits and he quickly makes his way to the ring. Henry enters the cage and Orton quickly cuts him off with punches. Henry head-butts him down and stomps Orton. Henry picks Orton up and drives him headfirst into the cage. Henry picks him up and goes for it again, but Orton slides off. Orton punches, but Henry quickly clotheslines him down. Henry picks him up and head-butts him right back down. Henry hits a big splash and yells at Orton to get up. Henry picks him up and launches him into the cage. The crowd boos loudly for Henry. Henry drags him into the ring and picks up his limp body to finish him off with the World’s Strongest Slam! Henry stands over him and screams at him! Henry holds up the World Heavyweight Championship as Smackdown ends!

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