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Originally Posted by WWF View Post
Trading Bauer just seems like a bad misstep, though. We'll see in due time.
Bauer is overhyped. He'll get a shot in Cleveland, so you're right - we'll see if he flourishes or not. He had absolutely no command of any of his pitches in the MLB. That's not a good sign.

Originally Posted by DesolationRow View Post
Eww. Fuck that.

The odds of repeating, in truth, are always fairly remote. But not impossible.

One thing's for sure, if we aren't going to make it, I hope one of our fallback priorities is to, if nothing else, block the Dodgers from making it. They can't be allowed to even sniff a World Championship. And it's only good for baseball. Don't want people thinking you can buy the World Series.

I'm actually in mild disagreement with both of you. I think many of the Diamondbacks' moves this offseason were almost downright inexplicable. I'll never know why Towers hates Justin Upton, but at least they did get Prado out of the deal. Apparently, Towers and his cadre want all of the "gritty infielders" there are, most of whom (Cliff Pennington from Oakland, Didi Gregorious from Cleveland, for starters) have very weak bats.

Having said that, I don't think Bauer is going to end up as anything significant. He's a Tim Lincecum wannabe who puts together a very complex motion but has next to no velocity. He'll never, ever, be the pitcher Lincecum was from 2008-2011 if he can't establish a fastball that dominates and makes everything else work. My big beef with the trade for the D-Bags is that they got very, very little in return. And even with Justin Upton, Towers and co. fucked up the market by always waving him around and belittling him (if you read between any lines at all) to anyone who would listen. They could have theoretically made out like bandits, and instead they made very modest-at-best improvements.

That is a thoroughly decent, solid starting rotation, though. Giants have had loads of trouble with several of those guys in the past.

Anyway... Off to GIANTS FanFest! Whoohoo!
I'm in disagreement with you. They did well. You're not getting the Justin Upton MVP, you're getting a guy who is widely regarded as overweight and not fully committed. Anytime you can get rid of a guy who has become cancerous to a ball club, you do it. Still need a SS, but Prado is an upgrade to Johnson. Montero, Goldschmidt, Kubel, Prado, Hill, Para... not a bad nucleus.

Skaggs and Delgado are the two guys that they're building their rotation around. Not like they need them this year, either. Lots of depth, despite Kennedy having a down year and Cahill being injury plagued.
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