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Re: How can "The Worlds Strongest Man" never have been WWE champion?

Originally Posted by Charlie Bronson View Post

He also doesn't sound like a black person. Dude is the whitest black guy I ever seen.
This is a racist comment. You may be too ignorant to realize, but this is a racist comment. All black people sound the same? If you sound educated and know how to pronounce words properly you're white? That's stupid and you know it.

Originally Posted by Azuran View Post
Good thing too. No one wants to live in a world where Dwayne Johnson is the only champion of the company.
He's the only champion that matters, that's for sure.

Originally Posted by Boygirl View Post
Judging by the amount of hype the IWC is giving to Mark Henry, he's slowly overtaking Wade Barrett as IWC's golden boy.
Wade Barret was hardly ever an IWC favorite, let alone the golden boy. What are you talking about?
Originally Posted by #PushKofiKingston View Post
I'm sorry but The Rock has never looked like a black man. A lot of non-wrestling fans still try and guess what race he is. He's was the first Black WWE Champion, took almost 10 years off, came back, won it again and is still the ONLY black WWE Champion.

Its not crazy to think "What if The Rock looked like Booker T, R-Truth or Mark Henry? Would he have become WWE Champion?".

Hard to pass off NEVER having a Black WWE Champion off as some coincidence. There have been enough talented wrestlers that were in a position to be pushed but never got it.

Ron Simmons

Booker T - completely absurd that he never held the belt in a time where it was passed around like Kelly Kelly's vagina.

R-Truth - poised & ready to win it in 2011. Got buried by Cena and then had his angle STOLEN. 2011 should have been the Summer or Truth.

MVP - Had the talent. He had a long US Title reign where afterward he could have been pushed toward a World Title but instead go buried. Maybe his criminal past held him back but doesn't seem like since they pushed him as US Champion hard.

Shelton Benjamin - One of the best wrestler during his time in WWE. Didn't have the mic skills but neither did RVD, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Batista(early on), Alberto Del Rio but it didn't stop them. He was ready for a push after his series of matches with Triple H.

Kofi Kingston - He should have won the Royal Rumble in 2009. In his feud w/ Orton he showed he could get VERY over, work main event matches, & cut at least decent promos. Instead of getting a push, he got buried over a botch that didn't effect the match. Edge won the Royal Rumble that year. Edge? Like he really needed that.

Mark Henry - he didn't just get better in 2011. He could have pulled that Hall of Pain gimmick off back in 05. He was the same guy.


Honestly, Asians have it worse. lol
Booker T and MVP IMO are the only one's that actually had the talent to gain the WWE Championship besides Mark Henry. R-Truth is old and messed things up for himself. Shelton Benjamin is Shelton Benjamin, Kofi Kingston maybe, and you're delusional if you think Godfather could've ever become WWE Champion with the talent he was rubbing elbows with back then were gunning for it.
Originally Posted by Kelly Kelly fan View Post
Rock is not black. Mark Henry is black
The Rock is black. Just because some of you have your preconceived racist notions of what a black person is doesn't mean The Rock isn't black.

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