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Re: New Xbox - No more used games, require Internet to play

Originally Posted by Riot View Post
I take it you're the type of person who just accepts anything the developers or console makes give you.

The point is, things happen. Internet goes down and not everyone in North America has steady internet or even has internet. Microsoft is alienating that consumer base. Regardless, we are the consumer, it is their job to appease us, not the other way around. Why would anyone buy a console which will be an inconvenience any time the internet goes down for maintenance, high traffic, or inclement weather.

Plus, we have seen this before and the last instance of something like this, there was lag in a single player game.

What the fuck, are you serious? What shitty city do you live in where your internet goes down because of inclement weather and overwhelming traffic on the network?? You connecting to the internet in a third world country? How often does your ISP perform maintenance?

I'm accepting what developers give me? lol no. Don't even try to put words in my mouth. This isnt a really good decision by them, but I'm not complaining because I have (for the overhwelming majority of the time) a stable internet connection, and dont have to worry about throwing a fit of rage if I cant play skyrim for a few hours a month because of internet downtime.

Microsoft has been "alienating" it's consumer base (and note the quotes) for quite some time. They don't seem to be feeling it in the pocketbook much, grossing $73 BILLION dollars in revenue last year. I'm still missing the point anyone has yet to make about why requiring an internet connection is so bad, when basically everyone and their mother (1/4 of the world, to be exact. Source: http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats.htm) has a working internet connection.

There is a difference between complaining about something valid, and complaining just to make noise. And all I see in this thread is alot of noise because Microsoft wants to change a part of their business model to basically "require" something most households already HAVE.
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