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Re: Fortox Wrestling - The Beginning.

Spoiler for Fortox Roster:

Current Wrestler Profiles!
Clayton Knox
Look - 6 feet, 4 inches. Short black hair, and brown eyes. brown eyes Deep manly voice, very muscular frame. Often wears a business suit with a black tuxedo, black pants, a red tie, and a white undershirt, but occasionally just wears a flannel. Always wears sunglasses.

Working style - Rarely wrestles. A slightly less horrible version of Kevin Nash in the ring. Sometimes hits horrible spots, and botches all of the time in the ring. EPIC mic worker however. Finisher = Jacknife powerbomb

Character - A heel boss who bullies most of his workers, and often makes ridiculous decisions, pushing workers randomly.

Theme -

Bret Norris
Look - 5 Feet, 9 Inches. Has spiky brown hair, and brown eyes. Very muscular with one small tattoo on his back of his mother's name; Susan. Wrestles in MMA gear, with sneakers.

Working style - High flyer, very good worker. Real life comparison = Austin Aries. Finisher = An odd BrainBuster variant where the suplex position is held, and then Norris grabs the attire of the opponent, and spins them 90 degrees on impact, sitting them out, and dropping them on their head, leaving them in a pinfall cradle.

Character - A straight up badass who has been bullied his whole life, and wants to stick up for himself and make up for all of the times he didn't stick up for himself. Despite being a face, he is sometimes seen pushing around babyfaces and heels, regardless of their disposition. He is poor and wrestles to make a living.

Theme -

Thomas Davis
Look - Friendly looking faux hawk, very similar to Chris Jericho. Brown eyes, a very child-like looking face. 6 foot 8. Ripped as hell. Wears black tights with "Friendly Tommy" written on the back in blue, or vice versa.

Wrestling style - A demented big man. Completely insane, and often uses moves that require large statures, such as big boots, clotheslines, and powerslams, but all of his moves look like he has no effort in them, because his character is stronger than to need effort.

Character – A crazy, demented man who hates the friendly good guys. He has always been friendly to everybody since his childhood, but he had a friend who betrayed him when he was 17. He destroys wrestlers constantly, and is sadistic, often enjoying it. Finisher – Darce Choke

Theme –

Reggie Kai
Look - 6 foot 1. Skinny guy. Always has his eyes glazed and a little red. Wears a Jamaican colored Rasta hat and a baggy pair of cargo pants while wrestling, and a shirt that says "luck faws" Black dreadlocks, and light brown skin. Looks like a legitimate Jamaican, and outside of kayfabe he actually is.

Working style - Also a high flyer, uses scissor kicks a lot. Real life comparison = R-Truth. Finisher - Shooting Star Press. Above average worker; 7/10 on a scale when comparing pros in ROH, TNA, and WWE.

Character - An always high Jamaican guy who has a lot of fun wrestling, and is a natural good guy babyface. Plays the traditional friendly helpful character and often high-fives fans and such. Very similar to Kofi, but more natural. Finisher – Canadian Destroyer.

Theme -

Hired Fun
Look - 6 foot 4. Very skinny. Wears the same attire as a hitman.

Working style - Very calm and collected, always seems calculating of his moves. Brutally powerful strikes. Finisher - Starts in pedigree position, lifts the opponent up piledriver style, and piledriver sit out impact. Secondary finisher - Rear naked choke.

Character - A wrestling hit man; heel wrestlers pay him to "do a job" and injure other wrestlers, or interfere in matches. He always has a straight face, literally never loses it unless selling a move. Real life comparison = Very unique style, but closest is most likely Kevin Nash, but far quicker.

Theme -

Scott Steiner
You know this guy.

Theme - Holla if Ya' Hear Me.

True Swag
Look – 5 foot 8, super skinny. A white guy who wears white Jordan Bulls jerseys every match with a chain hanging out, cargo shorts, and Bathin’ Apes shoes every week.

Working Style – Actually very good technically, and shows a decent high-flying premise. Very good cardio. Finisher – Jumping DDT.

Character – Friendly babyface that thinks he is cool because of his swag.

Theme Song –

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