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Fortox Wrestling - The Beginning.

Monday, February 4th, 2013

Originally Posted by f4wonline
A new wrestling promotion known as "Fortox Wrestling" is rumored to be opening up soon. Man named Clayton Knox has talked about the promotion as being "real wrestling and stories that any fan can get behind. Already a seemingly large promotion, Knox has stated that he has at least 7 other people who will invest in, and work on the promotion with him. The rumored budget for the promotion will be $35 million, making them more than a small company. The company is head-quartered in San Francisco, California.
Originally Posted by PWTorch
"Fortox Wrestling", a new promotion for professional wrestling, is opening up soon, head-quartered in San Francisco, California Rumor is they are said to have a very wealthy owner who is willing to spend a lot of it, along with many other staff members who will help him out. Rumor is that the current budget is $428 million, making them one of the most wealthy promotions in the world.
Originally Posted by WrestleZone
A man named Clayton Knox has started up a new promotion that he hopes to quickly make something out of. Head-quartered in San Francisco, California, and known as Fortox Wrestling, the uniquely-named promotion is said to be a very wealthy company with about 24 million dollars in their budget.
Originally Posted by PWInsider
We interviewed the man who is starting up a new wrestling promotion, which is already rumored to be pretty large.

Interviewer: Hello Clayton; great to have you today.

Clayton: Yeah, cool to be here, I suppose.

Interviewer: Clayton, I'd like to start with one of the first questions that I'm sure everybody's been asking; what caused you to choose such a crazy name as Fortox? Does the word mean something or what?

Clayton: I thought of a cool name so I jumbled the 26 letters of the alphabet from Scrabble and accidentally left a second O in there. Yeah.

Interviewer: Okay then. This takes us to our next question; what differentiates you from other wrestling promotions, both independent, and global?

Clayton: I think what you can expect from us is a product that is in touch with the fan base. By that I don't mean hiring Russo so he can have 5 swerves per week, and wrestlers can turn dispositions once a month, and I don't mean spending half of the show talking about my stupid glithy app with constant crashing that I've created and not tested at all, or showing off that one of my wrestlers is trending on Twitter; I mean actually showing what the crowd wants. If my top face is universally booed by the crowd that's older than twelve, he's not gonna go over the heel that consistently outpops him every night. That's what the ICW - Internet Community Wrestling wants, after all.

Interviewer: What experience do you have, if any? Why do you feel that you can be the owner of such a huge company?

Clayton: I watch wrestling a lot, and I read on the internet who the fans think draw. I made my own promotion in EWR and took over and eventually bought out WWE on

Interviewer: Impressive. I could only do it on Easy. Now, next question, that's very important; where and how will you showcase your product? Will it be on TV, independe-

Clayton: I've already got a Television deal with Spike TV!.

Interviewer: Really? That doesn't make sense, I though-

Clayton: Of course not fucktwit. I do have a legitimate deal with ESPN 2, however.

Interviewer: Wow, great news! When will it air?

Clayton: We haven't worked that out yet, but you should see it some time in the next few weeks, and we will have one show that runs for one-hour. That's all that I've guaranteed.

Interviewer: That is good news. Fast progress. Do you have anybody confirmed onto your roster yet?

Clayton: Yes; Scott Steiner. We will have him do 1-hour long promos every show. Not sure about who else we'll have on our roster, but I'll need to sign somebody he can shoot on.

Interviewer: One final question, because the various insiders seem to be unsure on this one; what is your company's budget?

Clayton: We currently have an undisclosed number of dollars to spend.

Interviewer: Alright then, well thank you very much Clayton, and we hope to see your product soon!

Clayton: Adios.
Big Poppa Pump @ScottSteiner the rumurs of me sining in that fourtox crap place r false! nobody evr talked to me about it! the big booty daddy goes where he wants!

Don West @DonWestDeals I can confirm that I have been signed by Fortox Wrestling as a marketer and color commentator! Excited to get started!

Clayton Knox @KnoxTheBoss First show made official for Saturday, February 9th. Live on ESPN2 at 10:00 Eastern Time and 7:00 Pacific. It will be taped this way for a while now.

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