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Re: New Xbox - No more used games, require Internet to play

Originally Posted by shoe1985 View Post
That is why they are doing this. Many people fail to realize that sure you buy a game, but if it is used, the developer is only seeing the sale from the first owner. So, they will lose sales because people are no longer going to pay full amount for a game, but wait for the pre-owned version. Add in that the dangers of pre-owned are over thanks to discs not being as scratched as they used.

The only issue I really have is the internet always being on to use. I do have broadband, but it is not the best, only thing offered in my area. So, I would rather not use my internet unless I was playing online. Add that many people maybe have caps on their internet, and if they are playing a game, this could eat up the limited cap of bandwidth.
This is why developers should use the club Nintendo approach. Buy a first party game new, get points. Save enough points, get some swag or a game free at the end of the year.

Instead these companies would rather screw over the customers with online codes so that when my Xbox or PS3 craps out, I cant play the game I paid full price for online, unless of course I pay the developer more cash.

I cant tell you the amount of games I've passed on because of codes. I'd gladly have paid for the new game, but the codes are just horrible. (Every EA published game, except Mass Effect 3. Which I wish I skipped.)

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