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Re: New Xbox - No more used games, require Internet to play

Originally Posted by Makaveli View Post
Like Seph said, it's online if you want to play online and I haven't seen a game published by anyone other than EA (figures) that has done it though I'm sure there's at least one. You can always purchase the code for $10 if you buy used and if you get a big enough discount it'll still work out to be cheaper than buying new.

Smart for the company, but bad for the consumers. I don't see a big need for a new generation of consoles. You could still ride this gen a few more years. All I'm really seeing is a more powerful product with douchey, money hungry features.

I will say though, if Microsoft follows though with this, Sony would be smart to NOT do it. It could mean the difference in a sale. Microsoft may be underestimating the draw of used games. Most gamers range between ages of 14-24 and I don't know many high school/college students who can continually dish out $60 for games. You could also make the argument that if a person may be more willing to buy a new copy of the next installment of a game series if they can get their hands on a cheap copy of a previous installment. Like, buying GOW3 for $10 allowing you to become a fan of the game and anticipating Judgement and buying on release day or whatever.

I'll commit to Sony again if Microsoft follows through and Sony doesn't follow suit.

Edit: I also want backwards compatibility not only for 360/PS3 games, but also PS2/PS1/original Xbox games.
If all you buy is used games, chances are that Microsoft and Sony really dont care about you as a customer because outside of the console, which they take a loss on, they get no cash out of you.

Used sales do not actually go to the developer/ corporation. Sony relies on first party game sales to make up the loss on their consoles and MS uses XBL sales to make up their loss.
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