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Brad Maddox: Next Face of the WWE

Brad Maddox recently cut a promo on Raw in which he explained his involvement with Paul E. Heyman and The Shield. Watching this and following beat down from The Shield. I see that a face turn is in the making. Maybe even a feud with Ambrose. He obviously will be getting a rub from working with Cena during the lead up to EC. But what can we say about Maddox himself currently.


Two time Florida Tag Team Champion.
FCW 15 Champion
OVW Television Champion
OVW Heavyweight Champion.

Promo and "Stick" Ability.

His Promo from Raw this week is one of the best I've seen in a while. Comparisons to Bane and such are well due. Tho it is a bit screamy it conveys emotion. Tells the story of a man wanting to be in the WWE and be a superstar by any means needed. From the short amount we've seen about him. He's just as good as Randy Orton on the mic if not better. And with time he could get to an even higher level. He's no CM Punk but he's also no Great Kahli.

Ring Technique and Ability.

While Maddox isn't the best in the ring. He has a rough kind of Talent with more training and molding can become great. He's not bad but he isn't a Benoit or Angle. He can work and craft slowly into a brawler/Ring Master. Kind of Like The Miz only not complete shit. His finisher is pretty sick tho. Havn't seen anything like it.

Finisher: Deal Breaker
Spinning sitout shoulder Jawbreaker.


Let me start this off by saying his ring gear is fucking awesome. Secondly He's a handsome guy. A Guy the casual females could like and cheer for just by pure looks alone. But rugged enough that he could play a tough guy. Hes no super muscular like Cena but has more of a Punk Or "Vanilla Midget" Build to him.

Overall: With proper Booking by the WWE. and some polishing and proper gimmick. I Find that Brad Maddox can become the new face of The WWE when Cena steps down. If He does.
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