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Re: Anime Discusssion Thread

No particular order for favorite:
Sailor Moon, this was my gateway drug since pretty much birth. I love everything about the series. This is the one series that I probably know as much as you could know about it. I even love the wretched dub. I still have VHS tapes of the series and all of the manga, the out of print and the new released editions. I was disappointed that Stars never made it to America, for obvious reasons, but it is what got me into subbed anime. I enjoyed the musicals and the live action series. With the new series coming out this summer, I am going to mark the fuck out. I have never cared for another shojo series as much as Sailor Moon.

Black Jack is like House on crack. I like Osamu Tezuka's disneyesque art style. Plus, Black Jack is a straight up badass.

One Piece, I never thought an anime could make me cry for a boat.

Hellsing with its vampires, nazis, cyborgs, werewolves and big ass guns.

Gankutsuou: Count of Monte Cristo. Revenge is a dish best served cold and in space, with extravagant CGI clothing. The Count could match up with Aizen in terms of manipulation. The dub is just as good perhaps better than the sub.

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