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Re: Star Wars Universe

I have read a number of Star Wars books, ranging from awesome to down right terrible. The Thrawn trilogy was great, though I doubt movie versions would work at this point given the ages of the lead actors at this point. Now the idea of the Solo kids being the main focus in many of the stories is a great idea. Other ideas I didn't like? I remember reading one where Palpatine was somehow still alive after the events of RotJ and it was so laughably bad that it just reeked of bad fan fiction.

However, I don't see why the movies should be restricted to having to work within the expanded universe. There is a TON of Star Wars expanded media from comics to novels to video games and trying to work within that frame is bound to create contradictions no matter what they do, so why even bother? And also keep in mind that the general movie goer has read, watched, or played very little, if any, of the expanded Star Wars media and only know the six movies.

The movies, to me, should work within the framework of the previous films and nothing more. That way, it is accessible to a wider audience and give the people making these movies a bit more freedom to maybe come up with some cool ideas of their own. If they want to use plots and characters from EU, cool. More power to them, but they should be given free range to do what they want and be allowed to work with as much of a blank slate as possible instead of "They have to do this, this, and this or no it sucks!"


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