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Re: Fave Elimination Chambers of the past

Survivor Series 2002 - The all-time classic. Rob Van Dam should've won though.

SummerSlam 2003 - I hated Goldberg at the time, but looking back on it, it was a horrible decision to have Triple H retain. That Phoenix crowd was PISSED!

New Year's Revolution 2005 - This was actually a good match, but Triple H winning back the title that was stripped from him was a complete troll move.

New Year's Revolution 2006 - Angle gets eliminated first with Carlito and fucking Masters making it to the end? Such nonsense. Thank God Edge made the save afterwards!

December To Dismember - Bobby Lashley won and nobody gave a shit. Again, RVD should've won.

SD No Way Out 2008 - The Undertaker somehow made this enjoyable to watch considering it had two guys that absolutely sucked in it.

RAW No Way Out 2008 - I didn't mind Triple H winning this time. This was a really good Elimination Chamber!

SD No Way Out 2009 - People like this one, but it just dragged on too long for me.

RAW No Way Out 2009 - I would've liked this better if Edge had taken out Mike Knox instead of Kofi Kingston.

RAW No Way Out 2010 - One of my favorite Chambers matches. Very fun to watch!

SD No Way Out 2010 - Good match, but I wish The Undertaker had retained since him and Michaels winded up main eventing Wrestlemania anyway.

SD No Way Out 2011 - My favorite Elimination Chamber match ever. Everything booked from start to finish was done perfectly with Edge defending his title in tremendous fashion.

RAW No Way Out 2011 - John Cena won and it was a total buzzkill.

RAW No Way Out 2012 - Great match. Chris Jericho being removed from the match was quite clever.

SD No Way Out 2012 - I would've enjoyed this so much more if Santino hadn't been involved. Seriously, he ruined the match for me.

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