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Re: Anime Discusssion Thread

To name my favorite anime would take paragraphs upon paragraphs, something even I don't wanna read right now (and I am egotistical enough to go back and read some of my own stuff) I'll... Just leave a very shortened list.

(summary for each anime in spoiler so they can be avoided if you do not want to read, also Image heavy)


Spoiler for summary:

Cheesy, old school action, hilarious, and wrong comedy. Needless is a mix of old school and new school anime/manga. The story revolves around Blade, a "priest" (a title that is spared no irony when ihis one true weakness is later revealed) with the ability to copy other Needless' abilities, Eve, a shapeshifting girl with a insanely high metabolism and horrible memory when it comes to names, and Cruz, the surviving member of a resistance group with a strong strategy trait (in sharp contrast of the fact he is essentially the group's whipping boy, particularly Eve) one of the few action anime I have seen as of late where the comedy mid battle doesn't feel uncomfortably off-beat.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Spoiler for summary:

Outright my favorite Mecha Anime (take that Gundam!) the characters and art style sets itself far apart from other Mecha- anime immediately and sets its own standards. Better yet, the story doesn't end as simply as most anime in its fashion does, and characters aren't exactly as they seem as time progresses in the series. Definitely a must watch for Mecha/Action/Comedy fans.

Durarara! And Bacanno!

Spoiler for Summary:

seeing that both originated as light novels from the same writer, and have similar story style, I felt parring the two together was fitting. Durarara! Is the story about the many lives revolving around a section in Tokyo called Ikebukuro, particularly the mysterious gang, the Dollars. From the psychotically strong and short tempered Shizuo and the manipulative Izaya, to the mysterious Rider in Black, Celty, Durarara! has one of the most intriguing cast of characters, rivaled by few.
Bacanno! much like Durarara! is based not on a particular character, but a catalyst point, in this case being an elixir of immortality. The story, which jumps from timeline to timeline, can be confusing, but once the pieces add together, one would be hard pressed to be turned away by the time skips. Also, Ladd Russo is frickin' nuts, in an awesome way.

Tokyo Godfathers

Spoiler for :

had to mention one anime movie, might as well be the BEST CHRISTMAS MOVIE, EVER. Satoshi Kon's tale of three homeless finding a infant in a pile of trash sets a wild adventure on X-Mas eve. The art style and story are blended exceptionally well, and the main characters' back stories ties everything together. It's been tradition to watch Tokyo Godfathers Christmas week for the past few years.

Oh, and Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli films... Seriously, nothing more needs to be said about that... Miyazaki rules.

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