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Anime Discusssion Thread


Well folks, it's been 6 years and 5000+ posts to the old anime thread, but I've received a PM requesting me to do this because it is time for it to be put down. But don't shed a tear folks, for just like the Land of the Rising Sun, the light will always shine on this thread. I only wish my opening post can do it justice.

I think it's appropriate to start the new thread just as the old one started, since there's so many new faces. Personally, I'd like to thank Near, and Seph, and HoL, and all the other old timers that made that thread great for years, and once again welcome all the new faces of more recent years.


1. Initial D: The manliest, most bad ass, car anime around. Wangan Midnight? Pfft. Can't touch Initial D, and now that Season 5 is under way after a 7 year hiatus, it's the perfect time to catch up the first 3 seasons and movie. Takumi Fujiwara is what Ryan Gosling wishes he was in Drive.

2. Last Exile: I don't think there's enough shows out there centered around fighter pilots, let alone in a steam punk setting. I don't know how anyone could watch the intro and not at least check it out. Once again, had a recent sequel, not on par with the original, but still gripping for me. IMMELMENN TURN.

3. Fist of the North Star (original): So fucking badass, I wish I could go around really life screaming like Kenshiro.

4. Dragonball: Z usually gets all of the love, but I argued more then once in the old thread that Z is where the Dragonball franchise started to decline, not GT. Dragonball is such an amazing and whimsical adventure with maybe some fighting and martial arts tournaments thrown in. Z is nonstop fighting, save the world bullshit.

5. Yu Yu Hakusho: 2nd and 4th seasons stand above the rest for me, 4th season normally gets a bad rap, but 3rd season was far worse for me.

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