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Re: SrsLii: Feminist Superstar or Backstabbing Rep Beggar?

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
Possible reasons for posting ass gifs: (god what a ridiculous conversation this is)

. You appreciate the female form.
. You are attracted to asses.
. For other peoples entertainment that also like asses
Her recent posts do not indicate this as any reason, especially seeing as she views people who

Originally Posted by SrsLii View Post
looks and behaves like a simpering twig who will let men smack her around and take it like a bitch. Women like that are a good part of the reason why men think it's okay to treat women that way, and it is a betrayal of your own gender to support her.
as the same type of woman who

Originally Posted by SrsLii View Post
do nothing positive at all for the female sex and in fact set us back fifty years by forwarding stereotypes of female worthlessness/submissiveness. Shame on you.
So those bullshit excuses are now out the window.

. To derail a shitty thread
Yes, because her plethora of .GIF's in the "STUPID POSTS THREAD" is derailing a shitty thread. K BRO. wg

. out of boredom
So one is inclined to do something that they deem sets them back 50 years by forwarding stereotypes of female worthlessness/submissiveness and also objectifies women as sex objects while simultaneously talking out of her ass?

. For a laugh
Yes, being a part of what you deem as a problem that sets you back 50 years is worthy of a laugh.

. To fit in
I've asked you to justify this how many times now? Don't you think if one would try to fit in that they would stick to their guns? I mean, it's obvious she doesn't simply:

appreciate the female form, feel attracted to asses, and posts them for other people

...because she decries the simple existence of them as something/someone who sets the female gender back 50 years.

So as you can see GS there are plenty more possible scenarios than those you listed.
Listing options do not mean that any of them could apply here.

I mean, I get it. Really, I do. You enjoy talking on the Internet about female orgasms and cumming to a 30-some-odd year old woman on a wrestling forum so much that you decide to them.
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