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Re: SrsLii: Feminist Superstar or Backstabbing Rep Beggar?

You are missing the point entirely.

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
I'm not going to pretend there wasn't a degree of hypocrisy in her post, but that doesn't make her viewpoint any less valid. I actually think the same way about Kelly Kelly.
Where in this thread is anyone questioning whether or not her opinion on the subject is valid?

But anyway, isn't the whole basis of your argument that she was "fishing for rep" by posting those pics?
It's obvious she was posting them for some reason when it turns out down the road that she completely disagrees with the entire premise of such visuals.

I know for me personally (and this is coming from someone that gives green rep out like candy) that I'll only give rep for a post that truly deserves it, either one that contains a well constructed argument, contains a good rebuttal (no pun intended) or is quick witted/ makes me laugh. And I'm sure other posters are the same.
And that's good on you, then. What this has to do with anything is beyond me, though.

The reason I labelled this a "gender specific issue" is because other posters e.g. Ghandi, WAGG, Apex Rattlesnake have been able to post ass/tits/ whatever gifs without the same accusations been thrown in their general direction. Hell, just look at this very thread.

If Gandhi were to come out and say that he disagrees with the objectification of women, then he would be a fucking hypocrite for posting ass .GIF's. You are comparing zebras to soccer balls.

I wouldn't say chicks on here get treated like "E-royalty" more like they get treated like aliens that don't belong on this planet called "wrestling forum" that is inhabited by pimply virgins only, that must have every motive questioned not to mention their very existance.
I'm still waiting for you to justify how posting those .GIF's has anything to do with fitting in...
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