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Default Re: Official Raw Ratings Thread 2013

Originally Posted by Rock316AE View Post
Rock covered this week's RAW because he's the WWE Champion, which always on the show. He also had a lot of buzz from his 3 SuperBowl ads the night before and the exposure he's giving the product currently. The problem here is next week, because this week everyone assumed that Rock is there because he's the champion, that's why I said how stupid they were not to announce that Rock is there live next week. Instead of taking advantage of the opportunity and the big audience Rock attracted, they're doing their lazy promotion without even a 15 seconds mention or commercial. Let's hope that this big audience is there next week and not just gave up because Rock wasn't on the show. But after the horrible program WWE put on and the lack of promotion, I doubt it. The drop in viewers for every hour is not a good sign.
Whilst I agree completely with you here and they are inept for trotting out an underhyped and underpromoted RAW just one week removed from the rumble, I don't think the show itself this week wasn't horrible imo. Punk/Jericho was a very engaging match as was Bryan/Rey, Punk's opening segment was a nice touch, Bork obliderated Miz, Mark 'Ratings' Henry returned, and we got a very entertaining final segment with the Shielf brawling with all the top faces (outside of Orton) in the company. The show had it's share of crap and filler (Another Orton/Barrett match , and that crappy wwe app promoting) but there was good elements.
Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
Reigns is like a Michael Bay movie. It looks good and there's lots of explosions but there's no substance and after it wears out its one trick, you see it for what it is.
Spot on.

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