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Re: Why is WWE allowed to revise history regarding Warrior and Fingerpoke of Doom?

I think the WWF was correct to some degree by stating the The Finger Poke of Doom and Warrior caused the downfall of WCW. They definitly played a part.

Everything WCW did with the Warrior was Bad. This is a guy who had a great match with Hogan at WM6 and a few years latter they have a horrid match in WCW that stunk up the place. That right there makes you question whats going on in WCW.

The finger poke of Doom was stupid for two reasons. It devalued the World Title and it reformed the NWO. The NWO was the angle that just wouldn't die. We're talking about a 3 year angle that didn't make sense and didn't have an end.

But the night of the Finger Poke of Doom was also the night WCW gave away the results of Foley winning the WWF World Title.

That right there pretty much told everyone to flip to RAW to watch the title change, I think when that happened a lot of fans realized the WWF was the better product.

WCW's problem is that it had no direction.
There was no assemblance of a booking team

There was no fiscal management... For god sakes they had the Destruction Crew, Marty Jannetty, Niedhart, Bulldog, Lanny Poffo, Mike Rotundo, John Nord, Barry Darsow, The Quebecers, Van Hammer, and Rick Martell on the roster and they did next to nothing with them.

And the very least they could have put these guys on the road with a guy like DDP, Bagwell, XPac, Booker T, Benoit and the tag team champions and have them wrestle in 4000 to 5000 seat venues.
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