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Re: Kofi and Swagger: Which of these wrestlers has less worth?

Originally Posted by Big Z View Post
Kofi is probably the worst wrestler on the roster right now. He does NOTHING good at all. He jumps high all the time for no real reason, making his offence look terrible. His kicks are awful. And uhh... yeah that's all he does. And he does it badly. His greatest moment for me is when he kicked Miz in the head.

Swagger on the other hand, when they actually gave a damn about him, had an incredible run on ECW having great matches every week, including an all time classic imo with Christian on 24/02/2009 (also 2nd MOTY for me too). Kofi on his absolute best day couldn't have a match anywhere NEAR that good with anyone. Swagger was awesome on ECW, then they shipped him to Raw and basically forgot about him, then randomly seemed to remember him and think "oh hey, this guy was good on ECW a year ago. Give him the WHC" which was the dumbest thing they could do because they'd spent a year killing the guy. Had they took the time to build him back up he could have potentially been a great champion. But no. They fucked him over. No fault of his own. Now he's back and they seem to be interested in him again, I'm curious to see how good he can be one more time. Kofi gets IC title after IC title and does shit with it. Guy is useless even as a champion. Swagger at least had some good matches when he was WHC.
Kofi Kingston in my eyes is just like the black version of Jeff Hardy. Is capable of decent spots in gimmick matches but every regular match of his feels like an action replay of his last one.

As for thwagger, I thought maybe they could have used this break away as an oppertunity to turn face. He could have feuded with Cesaro for the us title as the "american saviour" or some horseshit like that, and they would have had some pretty decent matches as they are both capable in the ring. Missed opportunity in my eyes.

Somehow they brought him back and he looks even goofier and lamer than when he left.

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