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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by KingOfKings View Post
DEM JEANS >>>>>> Shit Brown Survivor Series 2002 HBK Tights. WHY DID HE WEAR THOSE ?!?!?! I know there's a story behind that on his DVD but I honestly forget what it is.

I have Wrestlemanias I-XII watched as of now with the exception of VI which I skipped for some reason. Gonna watch half of it now probably and I'm not impressed in the slightest by this card. FUCK THE WWF AND THEIR OLDER WRESTLEMANIA CARDS BEING COMPRISED OF 90 PERCENT FILLER. Makes these shows nearly impossible to rate as a whole so I have to say they're all shit. Only the main event and Jake vs TED looks good for this one, and there's TWELVE other matches to be watched. UGH, can't wait to move on to XIII-present starting tomorrow once I finish this shit.

Wrestlemanias I, II, and IV are some of the worst shows I have ever seen in my life with each having a bajillion matches with none of them being really good in particular. THAT'S when you need a scale like my version of the CAL SCALE to really deduct points for how shitty some of these matches are. If not ; 16 BAD matches equal up to a show with 6 decent matches.
LOL, that is very true, man. Those shit-stain pants were just dreadful. The story is that the woman who makes his attire didn't have them completely ready by the time SS rolled around, they were only half done. Still weird to me to this day that he wore them. I would have just worn one of my old ones, but I guess maybe he didn't bring any of his old attires with him to MSG? I honestly don't know, haha.

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