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Re: I'm sick of this sudden Rock hate

Originally Posted by 93.20 View Post
yes as a person who has no interest in the current shithouse product, im glad roidy johnson has made me tune in.

oh wait, he hasn't. the casual fan might like the rock, but wwe is also forcing that same casual fan to sit through close to 3 hours of utter, utter shit to get to the rock. how appealing to the casual.

and viewers shouldn't give a flying fuck about ratings. if you do, you're a fucking retard. you really, really are. only watching wwe because it's the big league and ignoring tremendous stuff coming out of pwg, chikara and njpw, yep, you guessed it, you're a fucking retard too.
Like I said countless times before, it's bullshit in your opinion, not everyone else's. While there's a couple of people who hate it, there's also a few others who enjoy it. Hell, an example of this has already posted in this thread, he did start watching because Rock returned, and now still watches because of someone else.

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