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Re: I'm sick of this sudden Rock hate

i think all the haters understand the money/part time schedule aspect. it's mostly just used as a trolling tool. the real problem with "The Roid" is that he isn't entertaining in the slightest. he's some "legend" on tour doing all his old songs that people thought might have been great a decade ago, but have aged poorly. he's purely a nostalgia/social media whore act at this point.

the problem with this nostalgia act is that it's not that entertaining. his promos consist of a bunch of lame/terrible jokes and making up random hash tags to get all the mouth breathing trailer park dwellers in the crowd to chant along with him. he can't cut a good serious promo to save his life. his humor is only passable as a heel. nothing he says as a joke as a babyface is funny unless you are into listening to a guy combining food/mammals and some form of genetalia into an insult.

then when you add on the fact that his physical condition completely kills any match that he's involved in. you are left with an unfunny nostalgia act that brings down the quality of his matches. his match with Cena and Punk were both severely below the quality of the matches that Cena and Punk have on a weekly basis. he just can't work at their pace and that's understandable as he's only a part timer, but it hurts the quality of the show. it's also fantastically ironic since one of his favorite hash tags is #PUSHTHEPACE. maybe if he wasn't so roided up that he has worse cardio than Ultimate Warrior and Raw 1000 Undertaker combined then his matches might live up to expectations.

rather than "The Roid" working up to the levels of John Cena and CM Punk, he brings them down to his slow boring level. look at all of the feuds he has been involved with since he has returned. his involvement in the WM27 main event totally killed a match that was already knocking on deaths door. his "feud" with R-Truth and the Miz was essentially based around twitter and had zero heat b/c "The Roid's" promo style isn't conducive to building up a serious feud between athletes that in storyline want to win an athletic competition. his feud with Cena was very weak. it lasted for over a year and consisted mostly of childish name calling that revolved around breakfast cereal. his feud with Punk was probably his best one since his return, but even then Punk carried the actual match and made people want to see it. Punk made the feud about the WWE Championship, while "The Roid" was completely out of touch blabbering on and on about getting tattoos on your butt, making fun of Paul Heyman's physical appearance and calling Vickie Guerrero fat. yeah that really built the personal issue between both guys.

obviously some people find is brand of juvenile comedy entertaining. he sells a lot of tickets and that's great for the WWE. however "haters" like myself would much rather prefer he keeps his brand on the silver screen and far away from ruining matches or cutting lame promos.


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