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I'm sick of this sudden Rock hate

*This is a wrestling related rant.*

Lately, ever since The Rock has returned, he's probably the one guy getting the most hate on in the WWE barring .
And no, I'm not talking about this forum only, I'm talking about in general.

And it's funny, because for the last 5~6 years, everyone was literally begging for him to return, beat Cena, and maybe win the WWE title. He's done all of this, and there's still a lot of people not pleased with it.

So I ask, why?

And there's many different answers:

- He's only here part time and doesn't deserve/shouldn't be WWE champion
- He's only here to promote his movies
- He's only here for the money
- He's not going to stay long so he shouldn't be champion

Well, that's all a pile of crap. And I'm going to tell you why.

The Rock being back is a great thing. Yes, even though he's part-time. Yes, even though he won't be here for long. Why, you ask?

If you've seen the video package a few weeks ago on RAW, where it shows the amount of media sites, news, and shows he's been highlighted in, then that's the answer.

You get where I'm going.
That's called publicity. Something WWE has struggled quite a bit to get lately. And when it comes to general popularity, The Rock is miles ahead of anyone in the WWE right now. Yes, Ratings are not the best judging factor, but they do tell you how many people watch, and that is one of the most important goals of anything that airs on TV, and they do matter more than most people think.
Rock being back has helped a lot in this, and for that we should thank him.
Which leads me to my next point.

Despite all of this, some people still say "even if he is helping right now, he is just going to go away soon, why does it matter anyway?"

Well, I'll tell you.

The Rock returning has brought back a lot of casuals that stopped watching long ago, probably even some Dwayne Johnson fans if you know what I mean. Having said that, Rock doesn't make the whole show.
Another very good thing about him being back, is that he casuals who stopped watching tune it eagerly waiting for the Rock to show up, and while at it, some if not most of them might go ahead and say:

"Hey, this Dolph Ziggler guy isn't so bad, maybe I should give this a chance again"

"These Hell No guys are hilarious, I really like them, I should start watching again"

"Damn, this Antonio Cesaro guy is a great wrestler, I missed watching a technical guy like this, I want to see more of him"

You get where I'm going. This right here is one of the main reasons why The Rock's return has been a very good thing for the WWE. He's doing them a favor.

Then, there's a whole bunch of morons who claim he actually is back only for the money. This is just utter crap.
Granted, he does get his paycheck by being there, but his other paychecks outside of the WWE have one or two more digits in them. He doesn't need the WWE for his success; WWE needs him for their success. He can make it on his own easily, and didn't need to return if he wanted to.

And the fact that he came back for us, because we kept asking for it and now he's getting "go away" treatment is pathetic.
Yes, I know some people are trolling just for some fun and banter over all the people that end up gotten to, and a few of them are pretty damn funny at it, but most of them are actually as serious as it can get, which is ridiculous.

Have the "PG Era" fans come out and start defending their generation?
Has The Rock always had his haters, but they just discovered social media?
Has everyone turned grumpy and start bitching at anything and everything?

My bet is on the latter, but you decide what's your take on it.

And for that matter, I'm a fan of both Rock and Punk. A big one actually.

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