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Re: Kofi and Swagger: Which of these wrestlers has less worth?

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
Kofi serves a role as an undercard babyface, he's fine.

Swagger has the worst mic skills in the company (him or Dallas), no charisma, a goofy look, he presents himself like a jobber. He's a total waste of space.

You want evidence how bad Swagger is? He LITERALLY killed the World Heavyweight Championship. Even Great Khali holding the title did not damage it, and Swagger did. Khali had a shitty reign, everyone hated it, it was over and we moved on. Swagger wins it, BOOM, it's permanently demoted. That's GET THE FUCK OUT OF THE BUSINESS level bad, when you can singlehandedly bring a title from main eventing PPV's to opening them.
Not true at all. That skinny fat in your avy did fuck all with the title besides prove it was a second place IC level championship, the first time he won it. Swagger never opened Mania with that title like Edge did and never lost it in 18 seconds at MANIA like DB did. Swagger never fucked up that title, WWE did, and you know it. Khali had a better reign? When the fuck did that reign even happen?

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