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Re: ice_edge: The greatest shits

Originally Posted by GOD of CUNT View Post
He called me fat one time. Told me to go make some more rice.

I tell fat people to go eat rice all the time, now.
Alright so ^that^ wasn't totally accurate. But I searched ice_edge posts containing "rice" (I legitimately did that and feel like such a waste of oxygen because of it), and this is the whole conversation. Started with:

Originally Posted by TomasThunder619 View Post
Here in Lithuania we call some people "pochujistas". Literally "someone, who doesn't give a fuck". That's how I am feeling about rep.
I don't remember/care about the context of that, but it obviously gave me a chuckle, because I said:

Originally Posted by GOD of CUNT View Post
Well gosh darn it, that is just the best thing I've ever read on this forum. At first I thought you were going to trot out one of those shitty "In Soviet Russia..." jokes, but then you went ahead and fucked us up with some truth.

You gorgeous little third world minx, you. I'd let you watch Donkey Punch with me, you know.

Thank you so much for this. I'm going to get arrested for blowing up a supermarket tonight, and I fully intend to use the word "pochujistas" in my statement.
Then Showtime said something about elbowing someone in the face (my username was METTA WORLD PEACE at that point, and he'd just elbowed James Harden's chin through the back of his head). Then ice_edge quoted me and posted:

Originally Posted by ice_edge View Post
:Bischoff :Cornette rton ......

Typical ice_edge bullshittery, to which I responded with:

Originally Posted by GOD of CUNT View Post
What is it you're trying to say with this, you skanky son of a bitch? Is there some kind of hidden meaning, or are you just posting stuff you find amusing like a third world Scandinavian skank?
Then came the part about rice:

Originally Posted by ice_edge View Post
:jay2 Ahh you shouldn't have. These compliments will last as my lunch for sure.

And there is. I could insert one picture for all of it to make sense but that depends if your overgrown lazy fat ass get's up and treats me with a complete dinner with further compliments.

Come on squeeze out some more there that came from Mr. "Californication is not old and whoretarded, fucked to the the ground and irrelevant show" .

And just to give you some more material to work with I live in Sweden but I'm not Swedish. Make your own conclusion and don't forget to be creative. We all want to see that. No lazy boring heard to death cumshit should be included here.

Now rice shit get your flabby ass back to that kitchen and start cooking. Because that meal sure as fuck won't cook itself.

My response to it now would be the same as it was then:

Originally Posted by GOD of CUNT View Post
Well that was a wild ride. Like a kid with Asperger's fucking around with a word board or some shit.

I tend to attract these types. I'm like flypaper for the mentally unstable/disabled.
And that is that. Don't remember saying anything to him since.


I just wasted almost fifteen minutes of my life in this post. Stick a fork in me already. I'm done.
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