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Re: Official Raw Ratings Thread 2013

Originally Posted by AthenaMark View Post
No. He wasn't. There was no concrete evidence anywhere. The last thing anyone heard on Lesnar was that he was gonna interfere in the Rock/Punk match. That was it. Everything else was speculation from a bunch of 16 year old angry Punk fans that wanted to see him retain.

You all knew? When did "you all KNEW" ever translate into causal watchers? Do you have ANY FUCKING IDEA how huge the Rock is on a worldwide level? Are you kidding me? Even if this entire forum of 5,000 or more KNEW the Rock was gonna win, it wouldn't mean jack shit in Las Vegas with that crowd or the MILLIONS of watchers of the show who saw the report of the Rock winning the belt on ESPN or him being on ESPN the Friday before on "Events to Watch".

Punk without the title is new..yes..it is interesting. But that's what you wanted to say..you want to credit him and overpraise him and discredit the Rock because "everyone knew he was gonna win" which is bullshit because you wouldn't have raced to watch the Rumble or the aftermath anyway if he wasn't involved.
Yeah really. . .

Just because some random dart was thrown at the dart board by the dirt sheets and it happened to hit Brock Lesnar for the 5th time in 5 months, and it happened to be right this time, doesn't mean "everyone knew" Brock was coming back.

I post on this forum every week. . .and didn't know Brock was gonna be back since I didn't read it on here. lol. I've seen half a dozen other "Brock's returning" dirtsheet threads where he didn't come back though. Nobody knew Brock was returning last year either. I didn't hear fuck all about that.

Only a minority of WWE fans frequent forums or dirt sheet sites. Even ones that do (like me), could easily pass over it or not go to a forum for awhile and not see a few of the random guesses happen to be right for once.
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