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Re: Who would you like to get signed?

Originally Posted by truk83 View Post
I would love to see Sami Callihan signed as well. Don't think I mentioned him earlier. Granted he has no business jumping in to a feud with a major star, but I would mark out to see him violently attack Sheamus with a pair of brass knuckles. Come from the crowd, and just begin punching Sheamus in the face, drawing blood, and shouting obscene language at him. Sheamus, being that he loves a good fight welcomes it, and the two men brawl with Callihan getting the best of Sheamus each time. Sheamus informs the WWE Universe that he knows this tough Irish son of a bitch, and that they call him "Crazy Sammy" back home.

Have Sheamus put him over as a legit bad ass despite his small size. Sheamus says that he is incredibly fast, and sneaky. He says you can never tell when he is going to strike first. We to find out that these two have a history with one another "kayfabe". This would put Callihan on the map. Obviously he would have to go through NXT first, but eventually when they push him on the main roster I could see something like this working it's way on to television.
Completely agree with you that sammi callihan needs to be in the WWE. Callihan vs Ambrose would be huge, they have the history. maybe sammi could take each member of the shield and leave ambrose as the last member of the shield left and standing and let them go fucking nuts in a hardcore match at a ppv.


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