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It's worth noting that there was much less stigma about unprotected chair shots to the head back in 1999. The business was build on excess at the time. Rock probably thought it was worth it to make a truly memorable match. I've seen the footage of the chair shot sequence many times too, and I honestly think if Foley didn't want to take them, he wouldn't have had too. He could have just lay down, called on audible and said 'this is the finish'. But he actually kept staggering about and didn't lose his footing while taking the barrage for shots. So I'm somewhat loathed to criticise Rock for what happened. If he could go back in time and change how it went down, I'm sure he would. It was just one of those things, I doubt he was really thinking about how many times he was hitting Foley and the potential long term effects. I certainly don't think it was a calculated move on his part. There's nothing else he's done in his career that suggests that would be the case.

Originally Posted by Redruum View Post
I agree. Perhaps 'screwed' is the wrong word. He definitely abused the trust that wrestlers have to have with eachother. I think a lot of people are failing to realize that The Rock (legend or not) was a piece of shit human being with really low morals........All that feel good shit about him game after he started making millions of dollars doing kid movies in hollywood.
Those comments have nothing to substantiate them apart from that one example, which as I've already addressed, I don't see as a delibrate attempt by the Rock to get more over. The guy was already over as hell. If you can give me any other evidence of the Rock being a piece of shit with low morals, then there might be more to this, but otherwise, I'd say you're full of shit. Pretty much everyone that's worked with The Rock has said that he's a nice guy that is so confident in his own abilities that he doesn't resort to political moves.

Also it's worth noting that Rock is a very safe worker, and rarely puts anyone's health at risk for his own sake. I know people will instantly point to the table spot in the Punk match, but that was a common Attitute Era spot, which Punk probably agreed to before the match. But you only have to look at the guys moveset to see that he prioritises safety.

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