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Re: WWE: Road To WM30

WWE Raw – Monday 26th November 2012

Raw opens with a highlight package from last week, which focused on John Cena winning a fatal fourway match to become number one contender to the WWE Championship. Also featured in the video is Daniel Bryan making Kane submit on SmackDown.

Live in the arena, Jerry Lawler's music hits to bring out the Raw General Manager as Michael Cole and JR welcome viewers to the show. King makes his way to the ring and take a mic from ringside.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night Raw! Last week I told you I wanted to make an impact with my first show as the Raw GM, and I brought you a fatal fourway match for the number one contendership. Well, tonight I want to show you all that going forward each and every episode of Monday Night Raw will be... well... fit for a king! Booker T gave you all Daniel Bryan vs Kane on Friday Night SmackDown, so hopefully I can go one better. Tonight Daniel Bryan and Kane will be in action... but it will be Pick Your Poison! For those who aren't familiar with the concept, this means that Kane will pick Daniel's opponent for tonight and Daniel will pick an opponent for Kane!”

Before he can continue, CM Punk's music hits to boos. Punk appears on stage, flanked by Paul Heyman. Punk has a mic.

Punk: “You have some explaining to do Mr Lawler. You promised me a championship celebration last week, the rightful acknowledgement of my one-year reign as the greatest WWE Champion of all time! So what happens? You steal the limelight from me to announce your little fatal fourway match. Why did you do that Jerry, huh? Is it because you have a vendetta against me? Is it because the last time we crossed paths you had a heart attack and nearly died?”

The crowd boos, Lawler tries to interrupt but Punk continues.

Punk: “And then what happens in your little main event? You announce a number one contender that I have defeated time after time after time after time! CM Punk vs John Cena has been done before, and the ending is exactly the same, CM Punk retains his WWE Championship!”

King manages to interrupt Punk.

Lawler: “Well that's where you are wrong Mr Punk. Yes you have faced John Cena before, and nobody is denying that you have come out on top more times than not. But our main event at TLC is a match that hasn't been done before. CM Punk, you will defend your WWE Championship against John Cena in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match!”

The crowd cheers as Punk sells anger. Punk starts to march to the ring. King continues.

Lawler: “Oh and I'm glad you're coming down here, because you have a match... right now... against this man...”

Randy Orton's music hits to a big pop from the crowd as JR sells excitement at a WrestleMania 27 rematch will open the show. Punk continues to fume at King, who exits the ring and shakes Orton's hand as he makes his way back up the ramp. Orton enters the ring and the match begins.

Punk has the upper hand for the first few minutes, but Orton makes the comeback and mounts his signature offense. After a snap powerslam, Orton signals for the RKO. Punk manages to escape the ring, and retreats up the ramp with Paul Heyman as the ref counts him out.

Randy Orton def. CM Punk via count-out

The crowd boo Punk and the announcers question if Punk is rattled by his upcoming TLC match against John Cena. Raw goes to commercial.

Raw returns with an advert for Christian. It is revealed he will return to SmackDown this Friday as a guest on MizTV.

Backstage, Matt Stryker has Daniel Bryan for an interview. Stryker asks Bryan who he will select as Kane's opponent later tonight. Bryan responds,

“I can't tell you that yet Matt, but I can tell you this. After I made Kane tap out last Friday, I have a new-found confidence in my abilities. I am the most dangerous submission artist in WWE today, I can snap anyone in half at any given moment. So it really doesn't matter who Kane and AJ put out there, I will beat him. Yes! Yes! YES!”

Bryan walks away and down the hall, still yelling “YES!”

Back live in the arena, Zack Ryder is making his entrance. Cole reminds viewers that Ryder is looking to earn a United States Championship match against Antonio Cesaro after eliminating Cesaro from the Survivor Series tag match. As Ryder completes his entrance, Vickie Guerrero's voice is heard...

“Excuse me!”

Vickie and Michael McGillicutty appear on the stage and make their way toward the ring.

“Mr Ryder, last week you got a lucky win over my client. I have convinced Jerry Lawler to give Michael McGillicutty a rematch against you tonight to prove that it is him, and not you, that deserves a United States Championship match. Lightning will not strike twice Zack.”

McGillicutty enters the ring and the match begins. Unlike last week, Ryder dominates the majority of the match and gets a clean win with the Rough Ryder.

Zack Ryder def. Michael McGillicutty

Ryder celebrates as JR wonders if this more dominant display will be enough to earn Ryder a US Title shot.

Still to come tonight, Rey Mysterio looks to earn his team a Tag Team Championship rematch when he goes one-on-one with Damien Sandow. But up next, Kane is in action against an opponent of Daniel Bryan's choosing.

Back live, Kane's pyro hits and he makes his way to the ring, accompanied by AJ. As Kane completes he entrance there is a pause as he waits to find out who his opponent will be. Ryback's music hits to a big pop from the crowd, and he marches to the ring.

It's a physical match with both big men getting in powerful offence. Ryback hits Kane with ShellShock on the 10 minute mark, but AJ distracts the referee while he makes the cover. The ref isn't standing for it and ejects AJ. Ryback then lands a Meathook Clothesline for the win to a big cheer from the crowd.

Ryback def. Kane

The announcers play up Ryback picking up a big win. Kane is angry in the ring, JR questions if he is angry with Bryan or Ryback.

Backstage, CM Punk and Paul Heyman are talking. Punk tells Heyman they need a plan going into TLC, Heyman smiles and says he has something in mind.

A graphic on screen shows still to come tonight, John Cena addresses the WWE Universe. We then see Sheamus walking down the hall, he takes on United States Champion Antonio Cesaro next.

Before Raw returns, an advert for Main Event airs – WWE Champion CM Punk will take on Rey Mysterio.

Back live, Sheamus's music hits to a good reaction from the crowd. As he makes his way to the ring, the announcers recap his recent feud with Wade Barrett. They feed to a replay of Barrett interfering in his match against Dolph Ziggler last Friday, and then attacking Sheamus after the match. Antonio Cesaro's music hits, and he makes his way to the ring while cutting a promo.

“As United States Champion, I represent you people. And let me say, you are lucky to have me. The last thing this horrible nation needs is Zack Ryder as it's Champion. But as your Champion, I promise you that I will not allow this to happen. For now, I will defeat this probably-drunk Irishman and prove once again that I am the greatest United States Champion of all time!”

Cesaro enters the ring and the match begins. Cesaro dominates much of the match, landing his signature moves on Sheamus but not managing to get the win. Sheamus then mounts a comeback, connecting with the Irish Curse Backbreaker. As Sheamus signals for the Brogue Kick, Wade Barrett appears and once again begins to fight Sheamus.

Sheamus def. Antonio Cesaro via DQ

Cesaro bails the ring as Barrett and Sheamus trade blows. Barrett takes advantage of a weakened Sheamus and hits him with the Bullhammer. The crowd boo as Barrett exits the ring and brings in a chair. Barrett smashes a grounded Sheamus with multiple chair shots as the announcers sell disgust. Barrett holds the chair aloft with a smile on his face.

The announcers feed to a graphic on screen, still to come tonight is Daniel Bryan against an opponent of Kane's choosing. Also, John Cena addresses the WWE Universe ahead of his Championship match at TLC. The announcers then transition to speaking about the Tag Team division. They feed to a highlight package on the Rhodes Scholars / Mysterio & Sin Cara feud.
  • Rhodes Scholars won the Tag Team Championships at Hell In A Cell, capitalising on Team Hell No's collapse.
  • On the same night, Mysterio and Sin Cara became number one contenders by defeating Prime Time Players.
  • At Survivor Series, Damien Sandow had his feet on the ropes whilst pinning Mysterio, keeping the titles with Rhodes Scholars.
  • Booker T announces that if Mysterio and Sin Cara can defeat Rhodes and Sandow in singles matches, he will grant them a rematch.

The match is up next as Raw goes to commercial.

Back live, Rhodes Scholars are making their way to the ring. JR notes it will be Mysterio vs Sandow tonight, with Sin Cara facing Rhodes on SmackDown if Rey can pick up the win. Mysterio's music then hits, and he makes his way to the ring accompanied by Sin Cara.

As Mysterio enters the ring, Rhodes Scholars ambush Sin Cara ringside and throw him into the ring steps. The match begins as officials escort Cara backstage to treat an apparently injured shoulder.

The match goes ten minutes but is riddled with distractions from Rhodes whenever Mysterio has the upper-hand. Mysterio connects with the 619 and drops the dime, but as he makes the cover Rhodes once again distracts the referee. Suddenly, Booker T's music hits to a big reaction. Booker has a mic.

“Now I know this is Monday Night Raw, and I don't wanna step on King's toes, but I arranged for this match to happen and I aint letting Cody get away with this blatant cheating. Cody, if you interfere or distract that referee one more time, I will instantly strip you of your Championships!”

Sandow is still down, and as Rhodes vents his anger at ringside, Mysterio climbs the top rope and lands a Frog Splash to pick up the win.

Rey Mysterio def. Damien Sandow

Sandow rolls out of the ring and is helped to his feet by Rhodes as Mysterio celebrates in the ring.

Backstage, Matt Stryker is outside the trainers room where Sin Cara is been treated. He reports that despite some heavy bruising, he has been cleared to face Cody Rhodes on Friday's episode of SmackDown.

In the arena, Daniel Bryan's music hits to the biggest reaction of the night. He makes his way to the ring, and the announcers feed to commercials as they wonder who his opponent will be.

Back live, and Bryan is in the ring waiting for his opponent. The Big Show's music hits to boos, Cole says it is a smart move on Kane's part to choose the World Heavyweight Champion as Bryan's opponent as he's been unstoppable since winning the championship. JR notes Bryan does not look afraid.

The early going of the match is all Show, who dominates his smaller opponent. Bryan makes a comeback, targeting Show's right knee. He repeatedly attacks the knee, keeping Show grounded and in pain. At the 15 minutes mark, Bryan removes Show's knee pad and stomps away at the knee further. He then applies a half-Boston Crab, applying the pressure to the injured knee. Show reels in pain, before tapping out to a huge pop from the crowd.

Daniel Bryan def. Big Show

JR calls it a career-changing victory for Bryan, putting over his ability to make the giant tap with his dangerous array of submission moves. Bryan celebrates up the ramp and Show clutches his knee.

Backstage, Kane and AJ are shown watching Bryan's win on a monitor. Matt Stryker interrupts them asking for their reaction after Bryan defeated their hand-picked opponent. AJ responds.

“Obviously we are not happy, but...”

Kane interrupts AJ:

“I do not care about Daniel Bryan. What I care about is losing to Ryback. Monsters do not take losses well. Ryback will be sorry, revenge shall be mine.”

AJ looks confused at Kane as he walks down the hall.

He passes John Cena, and the crowd cheers as the announcers tell fans he is on his way to the ring as Raw heads to it's final break.

Back live, John Cena's music hits to a mainly positive reaction. He makes his way to the ring as the announcers narrate footage of Cena becoming the number one contender to CM Punk's WWE Championship. Cena takes a mic.

“I aren't out here to crack jokes. I'm not out here to talk about Fruity Pebbles, make poopy jokes or talk about my jean shorts. I'm out here to talk about 16th December. Sunday 16th December is the beginning of my road to redemption. See, at TLC I have one more shot at the WWE Championship, which means I have one more shot at CM Punk. I'm not going to lie to you guys, 2012 has not been my year. I lost to The Rock in the biggest match of my life, I got my ass kicked by Brock Lesnar, got pinned by John Laurinitis, failed in numerous attempts to take the title from Punk, became the first man to unsuccessfully cash in Money In The Bank... the list continues. But come December 16th, none of that matters, and let me tell you why...

“December 16th is the date I end CM Punk's WWE Championship reign. It's the day I put those failed title shots behind me, it's the day I once again prove I am the main man in this company. But even more than that, even more important to me even than the Championship, is the chance to take another shot at The Rock. At Raw 1000, Rock declared that he had been granted a WWE Championship match at the 2013 Royal Rumble. Ever since then, I have had one goal, that goal was to become WWE Champion and get my rematch with Dwayne.”

Before Cena can continue, Cult Of Personality plays and CM Punk appears on the stage with a mic.

“This is exactly the problem with this place John. And this exactly what I was talking about way back when I dropped my infamous pipebomb. I am the best wrestler in the world, I have been the WWE Champion longer than anyone in recent memory, yet look at what we have here. Your WWE Champion opens up the show in a WrestleMania rematch, a clash of two mega-stars. But is CM Punk in the main event? Of course he isn't, because Vince's favourite has something to say to these idiots in attendance, so John Cena talking is the main event this evening. December 16th isn't the start of your road to redemption John...”

By this point, Punk has made his way to the ring and enters, staring Cena in the eye.

“... it's the day I start my road to proving that not only am I the best in the world today, but I am the best of all time. December 16th I will once again defeat you, and I will roll on up to the Royal Rumble and defeat The Rock. And if that isn't enough to command some respect around here, then maybe I'll go on to WrestleMania and defend my Championship against Stone Cold Steve Austin, or perhaps I'll just go and end the streak. I don't care what I have to do John, I don't care how many times I have to repeat myself. You know it, I know it... you cannot beat me.”

The crowd boo as Punk smirks at Cena. Cena looks to respond verbally, but instead smashes Punk in the head with the mic. The pair trade blows as the crowd cheer, Cena gets the upper hand and drops Punk with an AA. The crowd cheer, Cena's music hits and he takes Punk's belt. He holds it aloft. JR wonders if this will be the visual coming out of TLC as Raw goes off the air.

WWE Main Event - 28th November

The opening credits roll and show that tonight will see US Champion Antonio Cesaro team with Michael McGillicutty to take on Team CoBro. In the opening bout, CM Punk is scheduled to take on Rey Mysterio. A video package takes viewers back to their infamous feud 2 years ago, before coming to present day and replaying Punk's recent dominance as WWE Champion.

Live in the arena, Cult Of Personality hits to boos from the crowd as CM Punk makes his entrance accompanied by Paul Heyman. The announcers note Punk is in a foul mood after taking an AA from John Cena last Monday on Raw, and he looks to take his frustrations out on Rey Mysterio tonight. Rey makes his signature entrance without Sin Cara, who the announcers say is resting his injured shoulder ahead of an important match against Cody Rhodes this Friday.

CM Punk def. Rey Mysterio

After a dominant victory, Punk smashes Mysterio with the title belt. The announcers feed to a pre-recorded video from Sheamus.

“Wade Barrett, fella you and me have got some issues we need to get through. It was a couple of weeks ago on Raw, I was going about my daily business of dishing out Brogue Kicks. You happened to be on the wrong end of one of those. Rather than fight me like a real man, you choose sneak attacks and chair shots. Fella, when I get my hands on you, the only thing taking a barrage will be your ugly face.”

Back live, Zack Ryder's music hits to bring out Team CoBro. The announcers recap Zack Ryder's quest for a United States Championship match after eliminating Cesaro from the Survivor Series tag match, and state both he and Santino are looking for revenge after Cesaro attacked Santino. Cesaro is next out, before Vickie Guerrero introduces her new client Michael McGillicutty.

Santino and McGillicutty are the legal men while things heat up between Ryder and Cesaro, who brawl up the ramp and backstage. In ring, McGillicutty connects with the PerfectPlex for the win.

Michael McGillicutty & Antonio Cesaro def. Zack Ryder & Santino

Backstage, Ryder and Cesaro are still fighting. Cesaro grabs a steel pipe and smashes Ryder around the head. Ryder lays knocked out as Main Event ends.

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