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Re: #1 Contender's Match(es)

QUOTE=TripleG;13548058]I wouldn't mind it. I mean one of the reasons MITB became a big deal at Mania was because the winner got a title shot and the Royal Rumble itself is just one big contenders match that has become must see for Wrestling fans every year.

So if they did some kind of match to establish a future contender at any PPV, Mania or otherwise, it would work just fine.

The problem though, as has been stated already, is that so many people get rematches these days and they happen so frequently that it just gums up the works a little bit.[/QUOTE]

The title holder typically always gets a rematch especially if they have dropped the title. I will take it a step further. The title match is the next night on Raw. Challenger gets winner of title match from WM live on Raw? I think[ that is solid booking that keeps from having a rematch from the previous night. Lets just say it's Cena vs Rock, with Cena defeating The Rock. Then CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan in an "I quit match". Bryan taps out CM Punk, and goes on to face live on Raw the next night John Cena, and then tap him out, or just catch him with a simple roll up pin? This launches Daniel Bryan's career big time, and gives us another top star instead of just Rock, Cena, and Punk. This legit would put him over big time.

Now lets jump over to the WHC. At this point lets assume this. Ziggler is WHC, and not only that, but Big E Langston won the Smackdown MITB match. This creates a situation where Dolph goes into Raw wondering if Big E is going to cash in his MITB shot on Dolph that night. Langston assures Dolph that he won't have to do that because he isn't that type of man. Ziggler is full on paranoid. What Ziggler fails to realize is that his opponent is Sheamus. Sheamus would defeat Ryback after Orton interferes costing Ryback his shot at the WHC. Is this payback to Ryback for eliminating Orton out of the Rumble?

Thus the match on Raw for the WHC title is Ziggler vs Sheamus with MITB WHC title winner Big E Langston outside the ring watching Ziggler's back. AJ has her eye on Langston the whole time. In this match I would have Ziggler sell everything like he naturally does. With that said I think Ziggler should kick out of the "White Noise". Then after that dodge the Brogue Kick once, and kick out of it also. You have to show the world how resilient Ziggler is. Ultimately, I would have Ziggler cleanly pin Sheamus in the middle of the ring after a super kick. Barely able to stand up Ziggler hardly is aware that Big E Langston is the one helping him to his feet.

He calls AJ inside as she is screaming for Big E to get his hands off of Ziggler. Langston looks confused, and totally sells the act that he isn't going to take advantage of Dolph. AJ is slowly convinced, and gets in the ring. All three embrace, and Big E hoists Ziggler up while AJ panics thinking he is going to harm him when all he does is raise Dolph onto his shoulders to celebrate. That's when out comes Brad Maddox dressed as a referee, and he asks Big E if he is going to hold him up there all day, or is he going to win a WHC? Big E smiles, and viciously drops Ziggler out of the ring onto the floor from his shoulders. Langston then focuses on a screaming AJ. He gives her such a wicked bear hug that she passes out from the terrifying pain.

Langston then goes ringside to a very hurt Ziggler. He picks him up, and throws him back in to the ring. Big E then announces live on Maddox's camera that he is officially cashing in his MITB contract. He gets into the ring, and is met with a Brogue Kick to the face. Sheamus had been lying ringside the whole time. Once he realized what had happened he got in to the ring, and nailed Langston with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus then tells Maddox to not move, and he then goes to pick up Ziggler who he puts over an unconscious Langston. Sheamus then tells Maddox to count. Brad goes for the count, and does everything he can to delay. He finally counts faster after Sheamus line up for the Brogue Kick. 1-2....Langston kicks out!!!

Ziggler is still unconscious, and just kind of getting to. The lights go out, and out The Shield come from the crowd, and then get in the ring attacking Sheamus immediately. Langston gets up, and hits Ziggler with his finisher winning the WHC. He exits the ring with Brad Maddox as The Shield are just kicking the shit out of Sheamus. This sets up a situation where you have Ziggler turn "face", Langston wins the WHC, and takes the role of transitional champion. Then leads to the question of The Shield's involvement. This is where AJ comes in. She would presumably have paid them, but we would later come to find that she has something for Dean Ambrose.

However, they don't come down at precisely the right time. It would be explained that they were supposed to help Ziggler retain his title vs Sheamus by attacking him. However, AJ never says when, and since Ziggler won The Shield was under the impression that it was off. Instead they chose to come out, and attack Sheamus after the match was over just for the hell of it. She is pissed, and says that she will expose the whole thing if they don't make up for this. This is where it's revealed that Dean, and AJ have a thing going. This causes a bit of concern for the rest of The Shield as they were unaware of this all. Ziggler gets his rematch vs Langston, and wins after he cleanly defeats Langston in the middle of the ring with the super kick.
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