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Re: Did Rock Screw Mankind?

Originally Posted by murder View Post
Randomly running into each other in the hallway, asking "How ya fellin'?" hours later and go check on someone after the match are two different things. I can understand Micks frustration.

Ok, Rock had the run-in to do, but that was about 60 minutes later and we're talking about two minutes it takes to go check on someone after the match. Time what was not a problem here.
Well, it wasn't random as they filmed everything. If you notice, they met each other right after Foley got the stitches in his head, Rock had to change back from his wrestling gear, then waited for his cue to do the run in to help Vince, it was all a process of 50 minutes and with the chaotic atmosphere backstage during a PPV, you can't really blame anyone for doing their job. If Foley thought that Vince will stop everything on the PPV just so Rock can come to check him, ESPECIALLY when he put himself in position to take more shots than what he planned, then he's even crazier.

About two years. Foley wrote in his second book that he didn't even talk to Rock for about two years about it. Part of the reason was a planned heel turn in late 99. He kept his anger to deliver a big promo which would explain why he turned on the Rock.

He admitted that it was stupid on his part especially after the heel turn never came about and they decided to go with Triple H vs Cactus instead since they felt it would hurt Rocks babyface character.
You have the quote from the book? Sounds really petty from a guy like Foley and weird because he praised Rock plenty of times during that period. They also worked with each other on a weekly basis, from their feud, to Rock and Sock to Foley's commissioner run. Good thing that he at least realized how stupid it was.
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