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Re: Being the booker

Great voiceovers from all the wrestlers at the beginning of the PPV, each telling the problems they’ve faced throughout there career and there desire to win there match. Really gets you pumped up for the show.

Cena rapping to start the show was great and it rhymed lol. Him saying he is the main event and ripping on the other wrestlers was classing Cena and it really helped the start of the show.

8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match:

If Team Thuganomic’s win, John Cena receives a World Championship Match at Armageddon
--- If Team DX win, Cena never gets another shot at Shawn Michaels, for the length of his Title reign.

The match starts off well with some fast paced action and brutal chops. The arena is pumped for this and is a great match to start things off. There is a lot on the line which adds to the spice. The match has a lot of pins which suits well with quick falls. It keeps the people on there toes as the match can fall thin in some aspects. Commotion breaks out and Shawn Michaels sees and opening and connects with the Sweet Chin Music. Charlie Haas is eliminated; some one had to leave first. Haas is the victim. The heels are one up and the odds are already low for Cena the face.

Cena is using some illegal tactics but the fans eat it up. Nice to see some thug tactics by Cena showing he isn’t too far up the fans asses which set him up to make the tag to Sting. He hits the Stinger Splash before taking a few shots on the opposing team then……Yes the Scorpion Death Drop. The opposing team can’t break the count and the weaker of team DX is gone.

Crap Sting is out minutes after he made the pin. Some heel tactics used by Reigns which is needed to keep the major face down. It’s always a good way of making the face look strong.

The heels are 3 on 2 up but the match can still be won by team Thuganomic’s. Another quick pin which keeps the momentum of the match going and it’s Cena with the FU! The second weakest is out for team DX.

The match carries on with no more three counts for a majority of time. The match could sway either way but it’s Benjamin who is hit with the exposed turnbuckle and rolled up for the three count. The Heels now have the major advantage.

Cade is hit with the Sweet Chin Music from his very own partner. Cena uses this to his advantage and clotheslines HBK over the ropes before pinning the unconscious Cade.

The last furlong of the match and it’s the two main-eventers who finish things off. It had to be done. Shame the last men couldn’t go at it for longer as the match seemed to be quicker that the first elimination. Cena wins it with the usual FU and he gets a shot at the Title. Not a fan of Cena but oh well. Good match here to begin the show.

Women’s Championship Match;
10 Lady Battle Royal:

Not a match I’m looking forward too but at least the divas are being used well. Wow Shaniqua is out first. The muscle built diva is eliminated by nine other divas, my pick is out. She was made to be strong even though she was eliminated first as it took the remaining Divas to eliminate her. Also it gives the feeling that this match is wide open and there for the taking.

Wow Jazz is on fire. It’s Stacy Keibler who reacts first!!! But Jazz is the one who finishes Jacqueline off. Stacy is clearly not happy and fights back with a slap. The usual pissed off Jazz reacts by eliminating the sexy Stacy! Jazz is looking strong in this match and she’s my new pick for the win.

Crap my pick is out by Trish. I like the image of Teddy Long trying hard to keep his woman in the match but can’t keep hold of her. Nice elimination by Trish who is now by favourite to win lol. Also I’m liking Long with Jazz, it’s a nice pair for a division that’s being used well.

Gail Kim makes the mistake and the woman who I want to win this match (Victoria) makes her pay by tossing her out. That is a pretty big bump for a woman and showes Victoria in the right light.

Nice image of Nidia laughing at Gail Kim and Molly Holly pushing her out as well. Adds some humour to this match. Another quick elimination but was used at the right time.

Some nice close calls in this match will she go over, will she not? Add some nice suspense to a match that begins to grow old. Lita is out and it’s by a spear from Victoria. Good elimination or this diva and a good sign that she will go all the way.

Another elimination caused by Victoria really showing how good she is in this match. Two big eliminations on two good divas.

Then there where two Victoria has to win this one. Some close calls on either side but the Chick Kick does it forcing Victoria over the top rope and crashing into the outside mat. Well she didn’t do it but after this performance she needs to get another shot at Trish.

Trish retains the title in a surprisingly good match. Some nice eliminations with a good run from my favourite Victoria.

8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match;

WWE United States, Tag Team & Cruiserweight Championship ALL on the Line:

With all these titles on the line there has to be tension which is a good thing for a card although good can do with a match like this. We’re definitely going to see a title change in this match which holds so much good talent.

WOW Chris Jericho a major player in this match is out first. A major shock is a great addition to this already good match. The start was well performed and the elimination makes you think anything can happen in this bout. JBL picks up a good elimination and a feud will probably continue from this.

Another elimination for the Team Highlight Reel who are really looking like the underdogs in this match with the elimination of Storm.

Some good slow counts in this quarter of the match keeping you on you’re toes. Basham is the next to go which is needed for Team Highlight Reel showing that they are not too weak. A quick elimination follows with a great high flying move. This gives some excitement to the already fantastic match.

A great length for this quarter and it’s a title belt to the head followed by a Tornado DDT to finish Chris Harris off. London keeping JBL from the ring is a little out there but believable. Also I would of liked to have seen the Tiger Driver from Noble.

The next part of the match has some nice close counts keeping the audience on the edge of there seats. London gets the three count with the bridging German suplex. This is a great way to finish Noble off. Some may say the German is a weak way to finish someone off but I disagree. I like it when the finish of the match is varied from the usual finisher it gives a little of pureso element to the match.

The final quarter is the best bit of the match and London is in it. I love it when Cruiserweight doesn’t get overlooked. At the start of this match I would have bet money Y2J and JBL would of finishes this match. Great work here Wolfy. This is my MOTN so far. The Cabinet win the belts, looking forward to where this will go.

WWE Hardcore Championship;
8 Man Gauntlet:

Hurricane vs. Rhyno vs. Tyson Tomko vs. Booker T vs. Goldust vs. Stevie Richards vs. Mark Henry vs. A-Train

Who doesn’t like some nice hardcore action though the middle of the show. Some nice stars in this one I like the additions of The Hurricane, Stevie Richards and Booker T. I hope Richards gets the win here.

It looks like Mark Henry is going to get the win here but there is no referee, great. Hurricane still has a chance. Very good way to keep Mark down with the steps on his chest and Hurricane sitting on top of the chairs. It’s believable and causes the upset early on in the match.

A Train enters and dismantles Hurricane. I don’t think it will effect Helms that badly as he did pick up the three count over Mark Henry. It also shows A Train as a monster which is his best suit.

Goldust hits the Curtain Call but still doesn’t get the three count. Surprising but A Train manages to get the win with the Train Wreck.

Booker T will give A Train a run for his money and eventually picks up the three count with the Book End. Nice finish, Booker rarely gets the win with the Book End so this was a nice change. A Train did well and was shown to be strong and a dominant force.

Here comes Stevie Richards he’s going to do it. He’s going to do it…..I can feel it. He’s going to win the almighty Booker T, I’ll bet a million pound on it. He will do it I’m sure of it…….He……He didn’t do it. Crap.

Tyson Tomko is gone no surprises there. Booker is in the final round, and here’s Rhyno.

Nice end to his this match. I had a feeling Booker T would win it but Rhyno completes the Gore and finishes the match. This match was a great length and flowed well for a Hardcore match. Would like to have seen Richards picking up at least one pin but oh well.

10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match;

This match started well with the close counts in quick concession. It really kept me guessing as to what will be the key to the first elimination. It’s Goldberg the biggest force in the match who picks it up and wins it with the spear of Rico. Nice elimination here which flowed really well.

A big boot by Snitsky takes out Simmons. Didn’t like this finish as it sort of made Simmons look weak, a Pumphandle slam would have been better. Also I would of liked to have seen Snitsky eliminated early on.

This section of the match was nice and long and really fitted with the match well. Scott Steiner being eliminated at this point was okay but still it should have been Snitsky. The Stunner is a great way of finishing a man off like Steiner.

You made a mistake here Wolfy.

Triple H has no other choice left, and TAPS OUT!!!!! BENOIT ELIMINATES MATT MORGAN!!!
It’s nothing big I just thought I’d point this out to you man. Nice to see the last of Matt Morgan and a quick elimination was needed at this point.

Loved the finish of the next elimination with the hat trick of Germans and finishing off the bridge. Test is gone and Benoit is looking even stronger. He can go all the way here.

Man Benoit is on a roll with the hat trick of eliminations. Finally Snitsky is gone and taps out to the deadly Sharpshooter. Benoit has to be the favourite here.

I thought the final quarter would reach a higher length but oh well. Team Bring It win with men to spare. This was the right decision as this team was clearly the stronger. I didn’t lose interest in this match as Benoit’s run kept me reading.

WWE Championship:
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match:

A nice fatal four way for the title. A nice break away from the 8/10 man elimination match’s. Eddie’s last match lets see how well he is presented. I loved the start of this match with the tempted submissions and quick pin falls. I was wondering throughout this first quarter who would be eliminated. The tension was nicely written and kept me guessing all the way.

Brock gets the F5 but no referee. His blood boils with frustration of not getting the count and asks for the chair is backfires and the outcome is classic Eddie.

Lie Cheating and Stealing gets Brock disqualified and Paul Heyman gets a chair shot for his troubles. Classic!

Wow Eddie is still in this one and gets the cradle on the Olympic Gold Medallist. I wonder how far Eddie will go in this match. Whatever the outcome he has been portrayed beautifully in this match.

The tilt a whirl hits but there is no referee again. The backbreaker probably wouldn’t of got the count anyway.

What the hell Eddie kicks out of the pedigree!!! He is going to win this I know it.

He’s done it!!! Eddie win’s it. A great way to end Eddie in this thread. I guess he’s going t vacate the title. Well done Wolfy, this was a great way to end it with Eddie Guerrero in this thread. A WWE title for a true legend.

New MOTN definitely. Right length, great flow well timed eliminations and one hell of a finish.

Now I see Eddie will vacate the title. Good choice.

10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match:

1st EVER WWE War Games Match; Elimination Style: Two Men begin, with another entrant every three minutes thereafter:

I’m looking forward to this. I wonder if it will surpass the WWE Title match?

The match started off well as there where only two competitors in the ring. Would like to have seen some more chain wrestling and a few submission before the next entrant came in. I’m gonna cut this a little short and say this match was great. We had Christian causing the upset by eliminating The Undertaker. A great push for him and it doesn’t really affect Taker who is still really over with the fans and it’s his time for him to put younger stars over. The length was great for an Elimination match , could have been longer but hell it was fine the way it was. Wow Christian is the last man and he hits Randy Orton with the Unprettier on the steel chair. I see the Canadian is getting a real push here. Good news and a great way to do it. Overall a great match. Still not MOTN for me but comes in at a close second. Ric Flair is new GM of Raw. Looking forward to how this all pans out.

Overall a great PPV. I thought this would get stale with all the elimination match’s but it didn’t. It might have if there wasn’t the added edition of the Gauntlet and Elimination Chamber. Yeah I know they are elimination match’s but they are different to the straight up match-ups. This was well written and hardly any mistakes where found. I enjoyed this immensely and found it highly enjoyable. I’ll give this a ……………………………………………………. 48/50
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