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What about one unamerican, anti-WWE marketing and political ideas gimmick ?

One wrestler who eats horse-meat, you can include the visit of one horse slaughterhouse using lightly censored/pixelated images and real sounds with long emotionnal focus on the eyes of the horses outside that are waiting to get butched. Just after the vignette, he could interview one horse-butcher on the ring. The butcher will demontrate the use of one captive bolt pistol on one real horse skull. Later the wrestler will eat horse meat in front of everybody on the very same ring and have servants distribute horse meat to the audience.

If there is a show in China, he could eat dog and cat meats in restaurants there, before to post about those meats on twitter. He should also visit the infamous Guolizhuang restaurant.

This wrestler would also be one socialist, neither a democrat, nor one republican. He would love to explain how much Europe or even China have better social and healthcare systems than the old decaying USA whose economy collapses.

He would love multiculturalism and cultural diversity, praising immigration and the fact that Mexicans take back California.

He would wish that the country depenalize Marijuana and allows gay marriage. Guns are, of course, too dangerous for him and he would never use any weapons in the ring, because it would be cheating and bad.

He would consider himself as morally superior to the fans, even being an atheist and hating the fact that religion and politics are linked in USA. About politics, he would explain that Free Speech is bad and dangerous in this current formulation in USA (Westboro Church, racism, islamophobia). He would make a hell lot of references to Mohammed Hassan's speeches.

This wrestler will also consider that the current WWE marketing aimed to kids is immoral and overly capitalistic. Kids shouldn't be used to sell things as they are innocent and pure. They must be protected from capitalism. He will of course burn some WWE toys in front on the kids in the arena.

I will probably add many other things later

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