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Re: Being the booker

Great opening video with all the people tonight talking about survival.

Good rap from Cena, and I'm glad Cena was on first. The first two eliminations were standard, but a HUGE push for Reigns by eliminating Sting! It doesn't matter how he did it, he still managed to get the pin on Sting which is BIG for Reigns. But then the moment is stolen by Cena, and now the push won't be as major. I am glad that Cade lasted until the last three, as Cade is a great talent. NOOO!!!!!!!! As predictable as it was I HATE the fact that Cena won!!! Michaels for Armageddon!! BTW, I am glad Armageddon is Raw, because it just doesn't fit SD.

LOL, great Austin interview as usual. Looks like Team Bring It will get the win here, as they have the much bigger star power unless people on Goldbergs team will be getting a big push. I am so happy that Christian interupted again (missed it at Nemisis & COTC) and this looks to be a possible WM fued?

Nice to see Shaniqua is teamed up against by the divas and eliminated first. Jazz eliminated fairly early is a shock after only eliminating Jacqueline, I thought we would see a dominant streak from Jazz. Nice to see Trish wins and Victoria manages to get to the final two, and by the look of it she may become the psycho again which will be good.

LMAO!!! Cade and Jindrak were hilarious as usual in the interview. Looks like DX will be costing Team Bring It the match, which makes sense otherwise it would be an unbelievably unbalanced match up. Rock vs Michaels will be an awesome contest at Wrestlemania, and if the rivalry continues like this then this could soon become the biggest rivalry on BTB. I see DX screwing Team Bring It, and unfortunately Rock costing Michaels the title at Armageddon, which better not happen.

Jericho eliminated first?!? Wow, I would've never EVER predicted that!! This is a unique way to go, and I hope it pays off in the rest of the match. Storm straight afterwards as well?! I think Highlight Reel will get the win now with either London or Harris getting a major push for overcoming the odds. Ha, ha, the Bashams gone within a minute of each other. Glad to see they're gone and Harris and London are getting on well as a team, but Harris will be next to give London a big push most likely. Wow, JBL pulls it off!! This is quite a shock, but makes sense as London would get too much of a push if he beat JBL.

YES!! Another WM promo! Nice sign of respect to make Chavo do the promo instead of Eddie. JBL's house keys!! LMAO!! I still considered Chavo as Eddie and it made it all the better. LMAO!! Jericho and Fozzy!! LOL!! No trousers or shoes!! Altogether great, would've been better as Eddie (RIP) obviously but still great.

Wow! Hurricane eliminates Mark Henry!!! Good that A-Train eliminated him almost instantly though. NO!!!! I'm all for the A-Train push, but I wanted Goldust to win this one! Damn!! Aww, Goldust gets eliminated for the A-Train push but Booker ends it anyway, shame. Dam, Richards should've beaten Booker in a hardcore match, IMO that is not a good decision. Aww, another good person for this match gets taken down by Booker. YES!! Rhino dispose of Booker T, and is the hardcore champion, that IS cool. Would've loved to see Rhino/Richards final, but I guess you didn't want it. A great hardcore match.

A good promo backstage with the tension really building between Angle and Bret. Angle acting very heel here, although as it is to get Bret to wrestle again I think the fans will still see him as face.

A great divas promo backstage, and it is GREAT to see Victoria as the pyscho again.

An interesting way for the superstars to enter, not team by team but alternating between the teams, it is something different. Shame to see Rico go first, but I guess it is best for the match itself. Both of AFA eliminated first, wonder if we're going to get another underdog match? Morgan and Steiner going equals it out, and this match is unbelievably good already. Test and Snitsky then go, that's four of Team Goldberg in two minutes!! I have never seen a heel underdog but I guess it's cool. Goldberg gonna get rid of Benoit and Austin before DX cost Rock match? NO!! A great shock there, THREE survivors!! Not too surprising though, with those three being main eventers and only one big name on Team Goldberg. However surprising to see no DX interference, looks like Rock/Michaels fued is going a different direction, which is good, cos Michaels won't lose title to Cena at Armageddon.

Good interview backstage with Team Foley (without Taker, obviously), hope they get the win tonight.

Lesnar DQ'd!! Classic Eddie there which is great to see, Eddie is on a roll!! Two out cos of Eddie! Surprised to see Angle sung away as he is a face, although it would be weird to see a main event tweener, or a face that isn't over as one. YES!!!!! EDDIE WINS!!!!!!!!! He finally beats HHH!!!!!!! EDDIE IS CHAMPION!!!!!! A great tribute to Latino Heat on most probably his last PPV, when reading I actually got goosebumps when he hit the Frog Splash! Eddie not only wins, but he eliminates all three!! A great ending to the match with the celebration, and great to see the whole locker room empty out to celebrate with him. A great choice to vacate the title, and a great last appearance and tribute for Eddie.

Flair's team enter first, a good advantage for them, but makes me think Foley will win even more unless we see an Orton heel turn. A Goldberg/Mysterio rivalry would be a great thing to see, I hope this does esculate into a rivalry cos they would have a great speed vs power match. Maybe an interference later?

Orton as first entrant for Team Foley? I wonder if he will be the sole survivor for their team as he has been for so many years? Foley not last entrant for his team? That's surprising, no doubt Natch will be. The first elimination at last, and I suppose it had to be Rey with that kind of power against him and him being the only one under 5 foot. Oh dear, it seems to be a downward sprial for Foley's team, so I think there is without a doubt a win for Team Foley. Undertaker makes an immediate impact as usual disposing of Carlito, but Christian eliminates Undertaker, defeating him again!! This is a great push you have given Christian by beating the deadman two out of two (that I have read) Foley eliminates RVD, and then eliminates the Nature Booooy. Batista eliminates Foley after the biggest powerbomb I have EVER seen, erm, read. Looks like a true underdog story now, Orton gonna leave with his hand raised, unless you continue the CC push as far as it can go tonight. Batista is gone, so its not going to the old rivalry back again, instead two of the quickest up and rising stars in this thread. OMG!!! Christian does it!!!!!!!! You did give him the HUGE push!! And also gave Foley his push, straight out the door! I think Flair will be VERY gracious towards Christian, and maybe we will see a Bischoff reward with everyone getting a favour, hopefully resulting in Christian getting a World Title shot finally. Great show of appreciation to Orton, who thoroughly deserved it.

This is one of the greatest PPV's in the history of BTB, and will be very hard to top, but I am sure you will manage it at RR as your PPV's seem to be getting better and better (which is very hard to do!) MOTN without a doubt was the War Games, closely followed by the WWE Title match, especially with it being such a tribute to Eddie, I would love to know whether you planned to have him win it before he tragically passed away, or whether somebody else would win it. It would've been great to see a Guerrero reign as champ, but unfortunately not possible. Once again ANOTHER great PPV which actually tops SS!!

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