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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

February 8, 2013

Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena; Jacksonville, Florida

An action-packed edition of Friday Night SmackDown kicked off with the opening pyrotechnics, Josh Matthews and JBL welcoming everyone to Jacksonville, Florida and Friday Night SmackDown! Josh Matthews then told everyone that they weren’t going to waste any time getting right into the action, with the Intercontinental Title being put on the line.

Opening Contest – Intercontinental Championship – Singles Match
Wade Barrett© vs. Tyson Kidd

-The crowd got right into the action from the beginning as Tyson Kidd took the fight to the champion, sending him reeling. While Kidd put up a huge fight in the beginning, Barrett eventually caught the talented superstar and proceeded to beat and wear him down. His aggressive and brutal assault had Kidd seemingly out on his feet, Barrett having his way with him now. Wade made several pinfall attempts, only to pull Tyson up himself after a two count, toying with his challenger. That would prove costly as Kidd began to fight back, delivering several dropkicks, before knocking the champion down with a spinning heel kick. The finish saw Tyson Kidd fall just short, Wade catching Kidd as he jumped off the top rope, before sending him crashing down with Wasteland, covering the challenger and getting the three count.-
Winner & STILL Intercontinental Champion – Wade Barrett

Barrett is handed his Intercontinental Title, raising his arms in victory as the cameras head backstage where Randy Orton is shown. His head quickly turned, his stare turning into a glare as the Big Show stepped into the picture, the crowd boo’ing heavily. The Big Show tells Orton that he doesn’t like this pairing anymore than Orton does, but if Randy tries anything foolish, the Big Show will make sure he doesn’t even make it to the Elimination Chamber. This brought a small grin to Orton’s face, Randy telling him that he better have eyes in the back of his head.

—Commercial Break—

As Friday Night SmackDown returned from the commercial break the cameras immediately cut to the backstage area as Alberto Del Rio was shown being viciously assaulted by Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston. AJ Lee is shown skipping around the scene, laughing almost psychotically as one by one Ziggler and Langston took their turns stomping and punching the World Champion. They, soon, had to flee the scene as Sheamus came rushing into the picture, forcing the trio to scurry away, Sheamus shaking his head before turning back to check on the fallen Del Rio.

Match Two – Singles Match
JTG vs. Mark Henry

-The return of Mark Henry could not have looked more impressive as he faced an over-matched JTG. He had little offense and little answer for Henry, who actually showed more quickness and strength than he ever had before, given his size and age. While JTG tried to put up as big a fight as he could, he was no match and eventually was sent crashing to the canvas with the World’s Strongest Slam, Henry getting the pinfall.-
Winner – Mark Henry

Mark Henry celebrates his return to the squared circle, as backstage Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee and Big E Langston all are standing by, still laughing and cutting up after their assault on the World Champion. Matt Striker steps in and asks them what that was all about, Ziggler telling him that Del Rio has something that he wants and that he is not very fond of Del Rio, so he was just showing the champion how he felt. That’s when Booker T stepped in, looking rather furious at the antics of both Ziggler and Langston, who still had grins on their faces. Booker asked them, sarcastically, if they thought that was funny before announcing that because of their actions, at the Elimination Chamber, Dolph Ziggler would be one of the superstars starting off the match. This sent the Money In The Bank holder into a frenzy, questioning the General Manager’s decision, but Booker T was not finished, he then informed the trio that Ziggler would not be able to have his little henchmen to help him until later on, as Big E Langston would be the LAST man to enter the Elimination Chamber! The GM walked off, AJ Lee trying to calm down Ziggler as he paced back and forth, furious with the decision.

The PrimeTime Players are shown standing inside the squared circle, dancing side by side to one another as their theme music keeps blaring. Once it stops, Titus O’Neil gets on the microphone, letting everyone know that they are looking at the next Tag Team Champions and after the Elimination Chamber is over and PTP have the gold, they will go down in history as the greatest tag team to ever grace a wrestling ring. The boo’ing from the crowd that followed forced sour-looks onto the faces of both men, but before they could address it Voices hit the P.A System, signaling the arrival of The Viper towards the squared circle.

Math Three – Tag Team Match
Big Show & Randy Orton vs. PrimeTime Players

-While The Big Show and Randy Orton did not like the fact that they had to team together, when either Titus O’Neil or Darren Young tried to intervene into their staredowns or near ‘come to blows’, they just send the member of PTP into a corner and begin to pound away with either several punches, in Orton’s case, or massive slaps to the chest in Big Show’s. The tagging in-between the two men was as expected, hard slaps to the back and shoulders of their teammates, which neither man liked too much. These simple distractions allowed the PrimeTime Players to take the offensive advantage at times and wear down their respective opponent inside the ring, not like his teammate really cared. The tension between the Big Show and Randy Orton finally hit the breaking point, the Big Show slamming his palm into the back of Orton to become the legal man and climbing inside the ring. Darren Young was slowly beginning to get back to his feet, Big Show setting up for his Knockout Punch, only to have Randy Orton spin him around and deliver a huge RKO! The Viper rolled out of the ring, heading away towards the backstage area, a sinister grin on his face to the delight of the crowd as Darren Young stumbled around to see the giant laid out. He quickly dropped on top of him and got the victory!-
Winners – The PrimeTime Players

The Big Show slowly rolled out of the ring, still recovering as Titus O’Neil and Darren Young celebrated and started dancing once again. Just then, a huge eruption of fire blasted from the staging area as the tag team champions came rushing out from the backstage area, heading towards the ring. Once inside, the four men brawled as the crowd cheered heavily, Bryan and O’Neil dumping to the outside while Young seemed to be getting the advantage of Kane. However, The Big Red Machine quickly grabbed Young by the throat, delivering a thunderous Chokeslam! Titus O’Neil was rolled back into the ring by Bryan only to soon be met with a Chokeslam by Kane as well! The tag champions stood tall over their challengers, seeming to now co-exist between one another.

—Commercial Break—

On the other side of the commercial break Booker T is standing next to World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio, who is sitting on the doctor’s table, being examined by the doctor himself. Del Rio seems to be in a lot of pain, Booker telling him that he doesn’t need his World Champion hobbling into the Elimination Chamber pay per view. When Booker even begins to think about pulling Del Rio from the main event, Alberto tells the GM that he wants his revenge on both Ziggler and Langston. While the doctor advises against it, Booker sees the determination in Del Rio’s eyes, telling the doctor to do what he can to get Del Rio prepared for later.

3MB are shown backstage, acting crazy, jumping around and doing their corny dance moves in front of the camera. Heath Slater introduces the three men, telling the audience watching that while he was placed into an impossible situation last week against Sheamus, the future is nothing but bright for 3MB. They planned on taking the WWE by storm and that plan still hadn’t changed. All three men continued their antics as the cameras faded back to the squared circle.

The Intercontinental Champion was standing by with Matt Striker, the interviewer showing his praise on Barrett's title defense earlier in the evening. The Englishman telling Striker that tonight was just another notch of something great in the career of Wade Barrett. He says that he is the current IC Champion for a reason and there's a reason he pushed the monster Ryback to the limit, it's because he is the fastest rising star of the WWE and everyone should take notice.

Match Four – Singles Match
Cody Rhodes w/ Damien Sandow vs. Ryback

-Damien Sandow was always a disruptive presence on the outside, keeping Ryback on his toes and not allowing the monster to get into a rhythm against his partner, Cody Rhodes. In fact, Rhodes took it to the monster, giving him his second-straight tough challenge in as many weeks. Anytime Ryback would try to mount some offense he was interfered with by Sandow, or distracted by him, allowing Rhodes to regain control. Eventually the monster silenced Sandow on the outside, when he went to the well one too many times, Ryback climbing to the outside before delivering Shell Shock! He climbed back inside the ring to return to a groggy Cody Rhodes, who still was lying on the canvas as suddenly; Sierra Hotel India Echo Lima Delta…SHIELD! hit the P.A System, Ryback looking around with great intent at the arrival of The Shield. Josh Matthews and JBL questioned why they were here and soon the three men came from the crowd, Ryback looking on. Once they jumped the barricade, they had given enough distraction for Cody to reach up and roll Ryback up, hooking his tights and getting the three!-
Winner – Cody Rhodes

Rhodes quickly exited the ring victorious, helping his tag partner to his feet as The Shield bum-rushed the ring and proceeded to attack the monster three on one. Ryback tried to fight back as best he could but the numbers game was too much, The Shield eventually lifting Ryback up and landing the Triple Powerbomb! The monster was laid out in the center of the ring, Dean Ambrose grabbing a microphone as the three men stood there. Each man introduced themselves to the sold-out crowd, before Dean Ambrose tells everyone why they are here. The reason being, simply put, injustice; they don’t like the treatment they have been given by the WWE and they don’t like how certain stars are put above others, because of politics. The Shield claim that it’s time for a change around here and they will be the ones who bring that change.

—Commercial Break—

The commentators were still somewhat shocked at The Shield’s arrival on Friday Night SmackDown. However, they could not dwell on it as the action continued, the cameras heading backstage showing Daniel Bryan and Kane talking about what they had just done to the PrimeTime Players. Their co-existence didn’t last for too long as the two men abruptly began to bicker and argue back and forth over the smallest thing, this time it being who has been the better teammate towards the other. The bickering led to their famous ‘Yes’ ‘No’ ‘Yes’ ‘No’, back and forth disagreement, bringing a comedic side to the tag team and getting a laugh from the crowd. They glared at one another before Kane stormed off, Bryan throwing his arms up in frustration, mumbling to himself, almost pouting.

Main Event – Tag Team Match
Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler & Big E Langston

-The injury to Del Rio was very noticeable all throughout this contest, which forced Sheamus to do the majority of the work inside the squared circle. He took the fight to both Ziggler and when Ziggler tagged in Langston, the big henchmen as well. But, he could only hold them off for so long and eventually both men began to wear down the Irishman, JBL noting the strategy involved in attacking Del Rio, as it forced Sheamus to do more work than normal, thus wearing him down before the pay per view as well. Alberto was finally tagged in and he cleaned house of both men, stomping the proverbial mud-hole to Ziggler in the corner. From there the action went back and forth, Ziggler and Langston targeting the injured ribs of Del Rio throughout the match, while Sheamus and Del Rio pushed forward, the odds seemingly stacked against them. The ending saw Del Rio and Langston inside the squared circle, duking it out, Langston driving his knee deep into Del Rio’s ribs, before lifting him up for a potential powerbomb. However, the World Champion managed to counter, sliding down behind Langston and heading towards the ropes. As he bounced off, that’s where Ziggler was, sending his Money In The Bank briefcase deep into the ribs of Del Rio, the referee calling for the bell!-
Winners by Disqualification – Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus

Del Rio collapsed to the canvas in a heap of pain, Sheamus crawling back into the ring, before delivering the Brogue Kick to Langston. From there, Ziggler tried to violently take the head off of Sheamus, but just missed hitting him with the briefcase, Sheamus sending punch after punch into Dolph, backing him into the corner. Soon after that came the arrival of The Big Show, who sent Sheamus to the mat with a huge punch to his midsection. Ziggler tried to tame the giant, jumping onto his back and locking him into a sleeper hold, but was soon squashed in the corner, which prompted The Viper to make his appearance into the fold. All six competitors in SmackDown’s Elimination Chamber were now inside the ring and suddenly on their feet, before an all-out brawl erupted amongst the six men. Friday Night SmackDown faded off the air, Josh Matthews and JBL going crazy at the frenzy of action going on inside the squared circle.

—End of Show—

Starting on the next Raw, maybe, I will start doing full-on results for everything. Anyways, enjoy!

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