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Re: Up until the end of Starrcade 97 was Sting vs Hogan/NWO the best Storyline ever?

I wouldn't call it the best storyline ever because, IMO, it should have led to the breakup of the NWO. The match should have had bigger ramifications and when you think about it, there was no real pay off. It lead to NWO getting the title back 4 months later and Sting joining a different faction of NWO, which kind of made everything from September 1996 to April 1998 seem a bit of a waste.

I'd say Austin/McMahon was better, as it stretched nearly 4 years and led to Austin aligning with the devil himself. There was a real pay off.

While some may not agree, I feel Raven/Dreamer was a better storyline because it had a real pay off and that was after 2 years of grueling battles, Dreamer not only ended up with the girl but he also finally defeated Raven, which led to another storyline. As for the actual Raven/Dreamer storyline, there was a real pay off.

With Sting/Hogan, all concept of a pay off got lost due to the bullshit at Starrcade 1997 and the fact that Hogan went right back to being what he was before that match. Had Sting won the title cleanly and it led to the NWO dissolving, I would call it the best storyline ever but that would have prevented the rise of Goldberg.

So, I don't think it was the best.

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