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Re: Being the booker

Heat did itís usual job of promoting the ppv, and a nice match with Tajiri and Chavo to get the fans into the ppv

Good entrance video with the focus being on surviving. Interesting to see who will survive though tonight

Cena to open the show, which is a bit of a shock, but the show will open with a bang. Nice funny rap from Cena, which he should be doing more of at the moment. Haas goes first, which had to be expected, after a very strong opening to the match. Jindrak goes next, and then straight away it is the end of Sting and Luther. Match is down to four, and by the looks of things, a good push for Shelton could be on the cards. Shelton almost has HBK pinned, but he then cheats to eliminate him. Cena to overcome the odds, or not? Cade goes next, as expected, and the missed sweet chin music spot had to be in the match somewhere. HBK goes for the belt, to cheat, but it works against him, after the F-U, and Cena is going to Armageddon for the belt. Impressive match to open the show, and Cena finally gets his rematch with HBK

Great Austin promo, and yet again Christian interrupts. Definite ppv match coming, but the question is when. Nice stuff from the two of them, and this is a very interesting slow building feud

Womens match is next, and shaniqua opens by overpowering everyone, until they team up to eliminate her. A pretty decent womenís battle royal here, with the eliminations occurring at the right times, and the right people staying in the match. Trish keeps the belt, after the chick kick to Victoria, and by the looks of things, she may get another shot at the belt, as will shaniqua methinks

Great promo from DX and the rock, with some great inadvertent comedy from DX. Definitely building to a mania contest between the two, which will be great

Pretty good opening to the match, and Jericho is on fire, until a surprise elimination of him by JBL. Didnít expect that, and interesting to see what that leads to. Storm goes next, and the cabinet are on fire. Good stuff here, and the bashams are next to go after finishers from the faces. Harris eliminated after a belt shot from Noble, and his very long run in the match ends, and maybe leading to a push for him. London eliminated Noble, and he then has to go against JBL. Looks like the cabinet are going to win this, as I donít see JBL losing to London. JBL wins after blocking the shooting star, and then nailing the clothesline from hell. Great end to a very good match, and now the cabinet have all the gold

Brilliant mania video, and it would be a great one to actually watch. Everyone played their part wonderfully, and perhaps it is even better than the Christian and tomko one

And here comes the filler match Ė not a bad match, but I never was into this match to be honest. Good win for rhino, which puts him over nicely, and booker had a nice run in it, but it wasnít my favourite match.

Kurt/Bret will happen at mania, surely, and the build up to it has been pretty good. Maybe Angle will drop the belt tonight?

Rico goes first, which had to be expected, after a spear from Goldberg. Simmons in the next man out, and team bring it have a disadvantage now. But I still think they can come back. Good action from the faces, and they battle back well. Austin hits the stunner on steinar, and he is gone. Morgan taps out to the crossface, and then he pins Test. Snitsky then gets caught with the sharpshooter, and it is 3 on 1 now, and benoit is on fire. Peopleís elbow from the rock finishes off Goldberg, and the faces pick up a big win, although it had to be expected. Solid match here, and a good one to have on the card

Nice promo here giving a little more build to the war games match

Very good opening to the fatal 4 way, but my tip for the belt goes first. Lesnar gets DQed, and he goes out with a bit of a damp squib. Nice action in the middle part of the match, with everyone taking turns to be in control. Angle slam through the table is surely going to be the end of HHH, but Angle is eliminated by a roll up from Eddie! Great stuff here, and I think eddie is now walking out of here with the belt. A few near falls, and then the pedigree should end it, but Eddie kicks out, to keep his dream alive. He then manages to take HHH down, and nails the frog splash, and we have a new champion! Great ending for Eddie, and the vacated title will be good, and I guess there will be a tournament to crown the new champion

RVD and Orton start the match, and we get a nice 3 minutes of action before the first guy comes in. Batista is next in, but the 2 on 1 doesnít work for team flair, and Orton almost has RVD gone with the RKO. Rey comes in next, and he will show some fight methinks. Carlito comes down to make it 3 on 2, and they still cant make it count, as still nobody has gone. Foley comes down next, and it is going to get a bit brutal. Christian comes in next, and he will have a good showing in the match, as he has been pushed quite a bit. Batista bomb to Rey eliminates him, and I think we may to seeing a new IC champ soon, as Batista seems to have his number. Orton kicks out of the van daminator somehow, as Eugene comes into the match. Eugene does comedic spots, and almost manages to get a pinfall, but he doesnít, as Flair comes into the match. RVD nails the five star, and it is the end of Eugene. 5 on 2 for the next few minutes, which aint going to be good for team foley. Taker gets into the match, and he totally dominates everyone, destroying the heel team, before pinning carlito with the tombstone. Christian pins Taker for the 4th time, and he is seriously being pushed to the moon, and I see him maybe winning the title at some point. Foley being handcuffed to the ropes was a good move, and it seems as if he has no chance now, as it is effectively 4 on 1 now. Orton is out, but Foley somehow manages to get out the bolt cutters, and sets himself free. He takes the men down, and then the double arm ddt on to the barbed wire eliminates RVD. Mandible claw gets rid of Foley, and it is two on two. Flair comes back though, and low blows Foley, and the batista bomb ends Foley in the match. Orton gets the RKO from nowhere, and it is the end of batista. It is down to Christian and Orton, and 1 man will score a huge win. Unprettier looks to end it, but Orton kicks out. Then, CC kicks out of the RKO. UNprettier on the chair does end it though, and Foley is no longer GM of Raw. Great match here, despite being a little too long in my opinion.

Very good ppv here, with some very impressive matches, and this could well win ppv of the year. Interesting to see what happens next now, on the run to the next ppv. 121 pages is a great effort, and it remains to be seen if it will topped
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