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Re: Being the booker

Please try to review my first show in CWC when I post it.

Survivor Series Review

Heat played it's role highlighting the matches. I really do not like Tajiri beating Chavo but so what.

Opening video was great. 10 X better than I could ever do.

Nice rap by Cena. I still think he is going to win.

Match 1
Team DX vs. Team Thuganomics

Prediction: Team Thuganomics

I am looking at this and I am amazed at the length, but that's not what it is about. Haas is the first one gone by Shawn which really makes me think Cena's team will win. Sting hits the Stinger Splash! Scorpian Death Drop! YES! Sting gets rid of Jindrak! So now we are down to three-on-three and so far so good. WHAT!!!! Sting gone so early! That sucks! 3-on-2 without Sting. . Well at least Cena can get Reigns back to eliminate him. 2-on-2. Now I am picking HBK. Shelton is a good choice to be left for Cena's team, and now I think I know why you made Sting go so early. Three quick eliminations in 45 seconds! Good to see the pace picking up. lol. Shelton hit the T-Bone on Michaels! But it isn't to be. Man what an upset that would've been if he would've pinned HBK? Well forget that idea. Shelton is gone too! Cena has to fend off two men! What a way for Cade to be eliminated! Sweet Chin Music! We are down to the expected two! I now pick Cena again! Really good match after this with Powerbomb's and Moonsaults. Shawn gets a chair!! I can see Cena countering it or something of that matter. What a plan by HBK! Title Belt shot....NO! lol, Michaels frustration costs him the match! YES!!! Cena vs. HBK at Armageddon! This was a great match. If this is the opener, then War Games must be great!!!

Rating- 93/100. Predictions - 1-0

Great Christian/SCSA promo. I can see SCSA screwing Christian in War Games and them having a good feud.

Trish Stratus vs. Lita vs. Shaniqua vs. Victoria vs. Jazz w/Theodore Long vs.
vs. Molly Holly vs. Gail Kim vs. Nidia vs. Jacqueline vs. Stacey Kiebler

Prediction: Trish Stratus

Shaniqua is definatly dominating earlier, but SHAZAM! Chick Kick! They all eliminate her! I am pretty suprised to see the former champion go so soon. Jacqui is elimianted by Jazz. Down to seven just 2 1/2 minutes in! Stacy is jealous! How could she be? She is wayyyy hotter than Jazz! lol Lita looks mad and now Stacy is gone. Teddy just saved Jazz! She could be a threat with him. Well, never mind. Are you racist? You have 10 people in the match. 3 of the 4 eliminated is black lol. Can Lita eliminate the champion? Nope. Kim goes to the top but Victoria is there and bam! Kim is gone! We are down to 5. Nidia is happy about Kim, but after Molly dumped her out, I bet she won't be! I really cannot see Lita tapping as soon as the STF is on, but it doesn't count anyway. Aw man, Lita is gone. Now it better be Trish lol. Well Molly is gone and we are down to two! Oh no! Widow's Peak! Trish might be done here. Whew Trish is still alive but in no time another Widow's Peak! Strausfaction! NO!!!! Whew Trish barely survives again! If Victoria hits this clothesline it could be over! Trish does the matrix! CHICK KICK!!! YES TRISH RETAINS!!!! This match was awsome for a women's match. But like I said. A women's match is not really that great, but you wrote it fairly well.

Rating: 83/100 - Predictions 2-0

Rock/DX promo was awsome and really funny. Nice part about the stripper! I just wonder. Will this lead to a feud or was it just for fun?

The Cabinet vs. Team Highlight Reel
Prediction: Team Highlight Reel

Start of the match was really goos and it really picks up during the middle of the first paragraph. Breakdown for the nearfall. Then the Walls of Jericho! This could do it right here and we could already have the new United States Champion!! He taps out! Jericho has won, but for the second straight PPV in a row, the referee doesn't see it! Chris must be mad now! Good to see AMW and London help out. Noble pushes him off the ropes! CFH!!!!!! OMG! Jericho is eliminated already? MAJOR Shocker. Great Wolfy, you tricked almost everyone with that. Man today is not the day for Team Highlight Reel as they are now 4-on-2! I now think The Highlight Reel will pull out the upset somehow. Not the Switcheroo! The Cradle! Man 4-on-1 now! YES! The referee spots the difference! Sooooo much interference by The Cabinet! Catatonic!!!! One Basham down! Team Highlight Reel get one man back as it is now 3-on-2! Then the 450 Splash to Danny! Two Basham's down! I really don't see how the Highlight Reel can win when the Cabinet still has JBL in it. Good teamwork used after the reverse 3-D! Now Highlight Reel is interfering alot to stay alive! Cradle from Noble, but London kicks out! DDT from London, but JBL breaks it. I love the fast Cruiserweight Action. Harris with a leg drop! No! JBL's pulls his leg! Harris makes a mistake and pays with a shot with the belt! Tornado DDT! London is the only one left! London is just getting dominated by the Cabinet! CFL on Noble! OMG! Happened in both matches! Bridging German Suplex and we are down to a main event one-on-one match! Paul London vs. JBL! Who will win? Noble distracts him and JBL hits the CFH!!! FOOT ON THE ROPE! I cannot see London getting his foot on the ropes after that, but anyway. JBL is in control until a dropsault from London! He is coming back! London flies over the ropes and the fire in London is done for now. lol, four roll up's on JBL! Five!!! JBL is a sis and leaves the ring. JBL get back in and Asai Moonsault!!! Whoa London is amazing in this match! London is dominating now! Fall-Away Slam off the top, but London has it to kick out! What a good match so far! Too bad JBL is in total control now though. Jawbreaker! London's back! Reverse Neckbreaker! SSP? YES! It could be over! No it isn't! CFH again! This time it does it! Sad to see Jericho go first and not return, but hey. Good for AMW and Jericho forgiving him. This was a pretty good match but the opener was better.

Rating: 90/100 - Predictions 2-1

OMFG!!! What a promo! You are a natural at writing these! The one with Tomko and Christian was funny but IMO, this was better. Great job with it! You reeally made me laugh!

Hurricane vs. Rhyno vs. Tyson Tomko vs. Booker T vs. Goldust vs. Stevie Richards vs. Mark Henry vs. A-Train
Prediction: Rhyno then someone in the back.

This should really be great as I love Hardcore matches. You will have 7 of them!

All sorts of weapons! Trash Can lid already and Hurricane is down! Oh wow. So strong. Breaking a broom. Give him what he needs! lol. Broom across the back of Hurricane. Oh no! Hurricane goes splat! Stop Sign! Hurricane hits the referee! Worlds Strongest Slam onto the trash can! No referee! I'd be really mad at that! lol the coffee! Hurricane lies on top of the steps which is on Mark! Great finish for that one! A-Train! One more big man to go through! Poor Hurricane. Trying to get A-Train with kicks. Too bad A-train is bigger! Baldo Bomb finishes Hurricane! Yes! Golddust could be a contender for the belt. Blowing Gold Dust into A-Train's eyes! What a way to get on the offensive! Then A plant pot! Shattered Dreams! Curtain Call! Was it on the Stop Sign? Anyway, A-Train won't give in. The ring bell will end it too. For both of them. Too bad to see Gold Dust go after the Train Wreck. Boooookerrrrrrr T! Suckaaa!!!! Him and Train dish it out in the ring. Great way to get the crowd pumped up. It is cool to have the match in the crowd. Fans are helping Booker. lol. I don't think he would kick out from the Scissors Kick though. Whoa! the 2x4! Then a DDT! He has to have it! Man A-Train is tough. One more Scissors Kick should do it. Not the stop sign! Not the chair! Yes! Bookend! Finally A-Train is gone! Oh boy! It's Richards with the Cane. Cane to the back and face! Has to hurt! Booker's back must be hurting! The lead pipe would finish Booker, but a cradle will finish Richards! Uh oh! It's Tomko! Trash Can into Tomko's face! No Booker cannot get it done! Knock out boot does what it says it'll do. He goes....but Booker ducks and the Scissors Kick does it! Rhyno is the last man! Booker can really leap as you showed him dodging the Gore. A steel tray! You are finding every weapon! Holy Cow! Flapjack through the chair! This is Hardcore! Spinebuster onto the trashcan! Stop sign off the face! Geez. That's harsh! Spinaroonie let's Rhyno Gore him! Awsome finish. This wasn't as good as I thought it would be but you only had like three good people and everyone else sucked so I give you credit for that. It would've been cool if someone would've interfered after the match and took the title though.

Rating: 89/100 - Predictions 2-2

I just really want to know when the Hart/Angle feud will be? WM is the best bet, but it is a LONG way a way, so this is tricky. No matter when it is though, it will be great when it happens.

Victoria is really mad

Team Goldberg vs. Team Bring It
Prediction: Team Bring It

Wolfy, I had to take a break to do a project and my mom and dad wouldnít let me go back to my room and computer until I had it almost done. So now it is 12:30 AM, I am tired, and I have Basketball tomorrow morn at 10! So the rest will be smaller.

That first part was pretty long for 5 minutes. I really donít care about Rico to be honest, so to me, I am glad he got eliminated. I donít really care for Simmons either. Glad he is gone. Thing is now itís 5-on-3! Steiner is gone thanks to Austin. Donít really care about him either although he is more important than Rico and Simmons! Matt Morgan is gone via the Crossface. Good to see Benoit have a decision. Oh yeah! Second person eliminated by Benoit via a Bridging German Suplex! This match is getting pretty good now. KEEP IT GOING!!! Third man eliminated by Benoit this one via Sharpshooter! 3-on-1!!! I thought Goldberg would put up more of a fight though. Kind of disappointing. Glad to see Team Bring It win the match although I wouldíve liked to see it come down to 1-on-1, or at least 2-on-1! Still a great match though.

Rating: 89/100 Ė Predictions 3-2

Good Mick Foley and Orton and Rey promo. Just hyping the main event.

Kurt Angle vs. Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Eddie Guerrero
Prediction: Brock Lesner

Well, my pick is out first! Look at that! Good way for Eddie to lie, cheat and steal to get Brock disqualified. The major point in the match is the part where Angle Angle Slammed HHH through the table! That was awesome and I wished I couldíve seen that! Whoa! Angle is already gone! And by Eddie Guerrero! This is confusing as I canít decide who will win! PEDIGREE!!!!! 1Ö2ÖKICK OUT!!!! I know Eddie will win now! Sure enough I am right! Eddie wins! This is great. I am soooooo happy to see Eddie win the title! Too bad he has to vacate it though. RIP Eddie. Thank you.

Rating: 95/100 Ė Predictions 3-3

Well Mick has a disadvantage already

Team Foley vs. Team Evolution
Prediction: Team Foley

Rey is already eliminated by Batista, which sucks IMO. You shouldíve had Eugene come in sooner and have him eliminated first. Rob Van Dam now eliminates Eugene and he shouldíve been eliminated earlier! Carlito is eliminated via Tombstone and since Christian is in the match, I expect Undertaker to be eliminated next. How did I know! I understand that you want to push the others, but I really donít like it, but I understand. What an extreme way to finish RVD off with the double hook DDT onto the barbed wire 2 X 4!! Yes! Ric Flair is eliminated via Mick Foley. I hate to say it, but now I think Team Flair will win. Foley may be dead! Batista Bomb onto thumbtacks through the ring! Orton eliminates Batista we are down to two! WHAT!!!! IMO this was a bad choice letting Flair be the GM. I really donít think he will be ANYWHERE as good as Foley was. I donít agree with Christian pinning two of the biggest superstars in your thread either. All in all though this was a great match.

Rating: 96/100 Ė Predictions 3-4

Length: 135 pages is just amazing! I though Arjunís Mania would top every PPV in length but now Arjun has a little competition for longest BTB PPV ever.

Rating: 100/100

Overall: 91.75 = 92. This was an awesome PPV and I am really surprised that it came out this low. I really thought it was great! Keep the good work up and please return the review!
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