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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Superkick to spear (without selling) mid-match then a superkick to spear-attempt to superkick to end. Throw in a failed opportunity on working Jimmy's neck (which should have been done noting the two vicious drops) and a peppering of selling throughout (nothing seemingly lasted - especially Jimmy's neck, which was beautiful for all of two minutes then went to shit) makes me question if the match had read "Davey Richards Vs Eddie Edwards" whether this match would have gotten the same review score. That or this show is so pathetically bad I've lost all possibility of enjoying something good.

Still, superkick = the end. Gone are the golden days where simple moves are seen as devastating, sure, but don't illegitamise the finishers we're left with. If a big move isn't made to be believable, then how can the audience accept it in future? I can understand re-using your finisher to put away a resilient opponent but that's hardly what happens in the indies anymore. It's just finisher spam and it's the very reason why we have the Edwards/Richards type of bullshit today. They throw 100 things at once because if you're no selling the shit out of your opponent's work then you kind of have to to create a "believable" fall.

I wouldn't say it was that OTT or that the match was bad by any means but just no. This isn't the Jimmy Jacobs from 7 years ago and that end spot was something beautiful ruined by "BECAUSE KICKS, BREH!" mentality.

Anyway, I'm halfway through Elgin/Rhino, atm, and I'll throw up a very short review of the event once it's done.

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