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Re: EWR/TEW Discussion Thread

Not to be a pain but how do you guys install mods using the demo?.Anyways using TEW 2005 and have a messed up card.

WWE Championship-Undertaker(C) vs Mason Ryan -Put him in a return rivalry with Ziggles and he ended up becoming a Main Eventer.Then I accidently set him to win the Royal Rumble instead of Matt Hardy who was suppossed to challange Del Rio for the WHC as when he was written of Smackdown Del Rio had injured him.But Mason has proven well in his role and is currently more over then Taker thanks to a well bult up rivalry with Sting who he had great chemistry with and beat in many hardcore matches including a Deathmatch.Undertaker won the title at elimination chamber as I couldnt think of a better opponent.He is expected to retain and then drop the title to whoever I wish at Extreme Rules.

World Title-Chad Baxter (c) vs Tyson Kidd vs Brock Lesnar-This rivalry was also not meant to happen so soon.It ended up happening after I resigned Baxter to eventually be the top face of the company and started teaming him with Swagger as a cocky heel team called Intense Achievement.They started a feud with all the legendary tag teams I could make on the roster including The Outsiders,Rock and Sock,DX,MNM,Jeri-Show-Edge and Christian,Mysterio and Edge,Two Man Power Trip,Brothers of Destruction,and Hurri-Kane.After a two month feud with DX ended and they reached 20 title defences they vacated there titles because they were bored.Come Main Event Baxter was placed into a match with Kidd and got a dirty win over him after Lesnar interfered.He got a World title match on SD after Kidd wanted a rematch and put his title on the line but I forgot to set a winner and Baxter ended up winning the World title clean.He is now inserted into the Kidd-Lesnar rivalry.Kidd is to recapture at WM.I have been building him up he got wins over Del Rio (Who is set to heel here) in a submission feud then won the title off Big Show.after retaining at EC (I try to have at least one World title match in build up to the PPV's to change things up)Kidd has become the top face of SD.

Matt Hardy vs Chris Jericho-After his rivalry with Del Rio ended prematurely due mis-sets Matt Hardy needed a big opponent to set him up to be a Main Event player.Enter Y2J.Matt Hardy plays the Edgy Face here and is expected to go over.

IC Title-Trent Barreta vs Alberto Del Rio(C)-Trent got a few underdog wins over Wade Barrett and with his new "Chill dude who letts nothing get to him" gimmick he has been on a tear as IC Champ.Alberto Del Rio who has just been demoted from the Main Event gets a match with Trent after Trent upsets him Del Rio attacks Trent setting up a rematch for the IC title which Del Rio wins.Mania rematch is planned with Trent winning the title back and becoming an Upper Midcard staple.

US title-Joe Henning vs Antonio Cesaro (C)-Micheal Mcgill has been repackaged into "Average" Joe Henning an "Every-man" character who just wants to live the dream.Antonio Ceasro continuing his Anti America gimmick calls Joe out.This rivalry basically writes itself.Expect a new US Champion come WM

Justin Gabriel vs John Morrison-After getting the better of Mark Henry in your typical David vs Goliath feud a returning John Morrison says he is more entertaining in ring then Justin Gabriel.Gabriel is a sure bet to go over.This will be the feud that gets him to the Main Event.

SCSA vs Sting- WWE's top draw vs WCW's top draw nuff said.Stone Cold is the face here.Sting has been a heel since his debut.Austin is also the RAW GM.Undecided on who wins this.

CM Punk vs Rock vs Cena-after Punk and Rock ended there feud for the title. Cena was inserted into the feud.The Winner of this match becomes the number one contender for the title after WM.Expect Cena to lose this feud.Undecided whether Punk or Rock win(both are around full time in my game)

Tag Tittle Tournament-Since the tag titles are vacated at the moment a tournament has been set up to crown the new Champions.Expect Sinsterio or Hawkins and Reks (moded his worker file so he is able to sign again) to be the victors.

Other notes:Swagger will lose a WM feud that will push him back down probable opponents are Christian and Miz.Dean Ambrose will return from an 84 day off TV time hiatus to be repacked into a new gimmick.Roman Reigns is now a face and has moved up one place on the card from Lower Midcarder to Midcarder.Seth Rollins is the only member of the shield who I have no direction for at the moment.Kyle O Reiley (as Kyle Storm) has been called up to the Main Roster from NXT (He was the reigning NXT Champion).Every week an NXT Talent will get a dark match against a Main Roster member and if they win (not choosing winner to be fair) they get called up to the Main Roster.This special only last till WM though.Current Prospects are Davey Richards, Adam Cole,Roderick Strong,Eddie Edwards,Jimmy Jacobs,Kassius Ohno,and Bray Wyatt.Winners will count as the post wm call ups.

Not Removing until:
[]Tyson Kidd wins a singles title.
[X]Punk Main events a PPV. NOC 2012
[]Trent Baretta wins any title.
[]Mason Ryan wins any title.
[]Barrett wins a world title.
[]Swagger gets fired.
[X]Miz turns face.Surivor Series and it's buildup

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