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Re: Being the booker

Survivor Series Review

Decent HEAT, used to run down the card as always, and a fair main event

Very nice opening video, some good speeches from the superstars

And we get to kick it off with an SS elimination match, nice rap by the way from John Cena

Thuganomics vs DX
Good start, just having Reigns isolated. HBK gets a tag, and here comes Cena! But HBK chickens out, damn. And the isolation of Cena begins. Some nice tandem work, and here comes Sting! Some nice action here, the part where everyone gets involved. Finally Shelton tags out, and Haas comes in. And there he goes, poor Haas. Sting gets rid of MJ with the Deathdrop. And damn DX cheat again! There goes Sting. And now Reigns is gone. Quick eliminations right here. Good back and forth period here, nice work and TBONE! DAMN! HBK got a foot on the ropes. O boy, there goes Shelton, and Cena is all alone. Damn Cena is getting beating, down, SCM, misses and there goes Cade! And we are down to one on one. FU! Cena wins! What a way to kick things off, great match Wolf. ***3/4

LOL nice interview with Austin, with a typical WHAT line. Here comes Christian, and shut down instantly from Austin. I think there is going to be a WM match between these 2, as this has gone on long enough with no push

Womens Battle Royal
Shaniqua gone already! Maybe you are fading her out of your BTB? Jacquie and Stacy didn't last long either, getting rid of the non-talent early, and Jacquie is a little old to still be going. Good bye Jazz, thought she could've lasted longer. See ya Gail Kim, I am thinking Victoria is gonna be the runner up to Trish. Bye bye Nidia, very quick eliminations, which is good as Womens matches can be fairly boring at times. Then Lita is out, and Molly goes soon. Now we come down to who I predicted. I say Trish wins, as it is too early for her to lose the belt. And I was right, Trish wins. Pretty good for a Womens match. **3/4

So next year, its in the Astrodome. Cool package

LOL! Hilarious promo from Rock to DX, "Screw job" Just brilliant. Some classic lines here, I am so ready for a Rock/HBK match at WM, it has to happen

Highlight Reel vs Cabinet
Jericho is the first to go! Major shock, never saw it coming. Wow, a big let down for the Highlight Reel team. And now James Storm goes, not good at all. It's 2 on 4. The Wildcat is getting beaten down, and the ref notices the switcheroo! And finally a Cabinte member is gone, see ya Doug. And there goes Danny, from a 450 splash. And it's even. And more cheap tactics from the Cabinet, the title belt to the skull of Harris, and goodbye. London is all alone. Not good for the Cruiserweight champion. And London gets rid of Noble! Can he do it? Man I dunno, but it's gonna be close. Shotting Star! No one home! Aw man, here it comes, goodbye London. Damn, he gave it such a good go. O well, a heel team has to win one of the SS elimination matches. ***1/2

A great part here, with Y2J & AMW showing their appreciation for London. Good touch

Hmm, a new WM22 promo. LOL, Carlito is bust, again. Not cool. Chavo, has all the chips. Funny. JBl first throws his Rolex, now his house keys down. LOL! Jericho, nice line. Hahahaha, JBL has nothing! This is great. Ha, Chavo is busted. Carlito again spitting the apple. Really good, better than the Christian/Tomko one if you ask me. Loved it. Can't wait for the next one, which will be at the Rumble right?

Hardcore Gauntlet
This is going to be great. GO RHYNO! Hurricane vs Henry eh? Poor old Hurricane is getting the crap kicked out of him. Ha, see ya later Mark Henry! O man, A-Train, JR is right, bigger and badder. Man, Train squashed Hurricane, Baldo Bomb on the trash can would cain! Goldust, will be interesting. Nasty, the Train Wreck, goodbye Goldust. A-Train might just go the distance. Surprised that Train kicked out of the Curtain Call. And Booker gets rid of A-Train. Big moment in the match, Train has been dominant. Ha well that lasted long. Richards needs to lay off the powder. Still no Rhyno, which gives me the thought that he is going to win it. Tomko might have a chance here. Nope, there he goes, Booker is on a role. And here he comes, Rhyno! My man, he's gonna win! Booker is still giving a good showing, not giving in to the ECW champ. But there he goes, and Rhyno wins, a very good and entertaining match, to break up the SS tag matches. ***1/2

It's gotta happen, Hart vs Angle at WM, I will love to read it

Man, Victoria has snapped, I hope Gail Kim kicks her ass!

Team Bring It vs Team Goldberg
Well, AFA went pretty quickly, and things don't look good for Team Bring It. But, there is a slight bit of good news, Scott Steiner is still around? And you bag me out for using Scott Hall. Hmm. Things are getting better, as the score is evened, goodbye Matt Morgan. And Test. And now they are a man up. This is insanely good. Wow! Benoit just got rid of 3 huge men in the space of about 5 minutes. And now the destruction of Goldberg happens, Rock Bottom, Stunner, Headbutt, People's Elbow, and goodnight Goldberg! Loved this match, best one bar the opening contest. ***3/4

What a great moment, having Austin, Rock & Benoit beer bash together. A very good team, the right team to win also

Good promo from Team Foley, and I wonder who's gonna get the upper hand in the coin toss? I guess Team Flair

Fully Loaded returns, that looks like 2 PPV's in near 3 weeks with Armageddon, and then Fully Loaded. But you can pull through, as you are the best booker around here, bar a few

Kurt Angle vs HHH vs Eddie Guerrero vs Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman
Great start to the match, all brawl and everyone getting in on the action. And finally we have our first serious pin attempt, and no ref for Lesnar! And it's classic Eddie! The lies, cheating and stealing, and it pays off, there goes Lesnar, with the chair trick. Loving it. Holy cow! Angle slam through the announce table! This match is completely off the charts. And Angle is gone! We will have a new champion come the matches end! Come on Eddie, send him out the right way! O man, HHH wipes out the ref, who is not having a good match, the second time he has been taken out. Eddie nails a Frog splash. No ref, and there is the Pedigree. Damn. NO! He kicked out. Woohoo! And he wins! Eddie won, thank god. What a way to send Eddie out, brilliant match Wolfy. ****

That is great touch Wolfy, with the SmackDown locker room congratulating him

And as I thought, Flairs team get the advantage. Bugger. LOL, Goldberg isn't happy

Team Foley vs Team Evolution
Here we go. Good guys to start it out also, with Orton & RVD. And not so good for Orton, because he comes Batista, Orton is in alot of trouble right now. He is giving it all, but he can't beat the numbers, and here comes Rey Rey. Big time in the match, can he save Orton? Great here comes Mr.Cool, Carlito. Team Foley needs some help, and here comes Foley! And he's brought a few toys. Bam! Baking sheet to the skull, and a nasty clothesline, there could've been some neck injuries if that wasn't done right in real life ya know. O boy, here comes <C>. I feel a big push for him, starting in this match. And Foley is in alot of trouble, because there goes Rey Rey. Not good at all. VAN TERMINATOR! Goodnight Randy. And Orton kicked out! Wow, didn't see this coming. Now Eugene is here, wonder how he is gonna fit into this match. Flair is here, it's 5 on 3, pretty elementary, but then again, this isn't done on numbers. Make that 5 on 2, because there goes Eugene. And Taker is here, and boy is he kicking ass! Holy cow! Chokeslam from one ring to the other! Big spot. And finally, there goes a Team Evolution member, Taker is cleaning up the mess. 2x4, and thumbtacks are coming into play, this is gonna get nasty. Oh no! Taker is gone, and again, Christian has pinned him. I am getting a little tired of this, but I notice the major push that <C> will be receiving from this. Good god, Foley & Orton are getting destroyed. And RVD is gone, with a DDT onto the 2x4! Is there hope? O my, Foley onto the thumbtacks, good bye. No wait, Flair is eliminated! Can it happen, the biggest comeback? O MY GOD! HOLY SHIT! Powerbomb onto the tacks through the ring! Are you kidding me? Insane. There goes Foley, I can't believe how good this match is. RKO gets rid of Batista. There is hope. And he kicks out of the Unprettier! RKO! NO! Damn it Christian kicks out. Good no it's over! Christian wins, but what a match, can you say Match of the Year? ****3/4

Brilliant PPV Wolfy, perhaps beating any other you have, even WM. I can't believe how good the main event was. Well done, deserves a 97/100 Grade = A+


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