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Re: Cena Rumble win make Elimination Chamber Pointless?

Originally Posted by Redruum View Post
Like most of the wrestling community over the age of 10, I was very disappointed when Cena won rumble. This sets up WM for a second Cena v Rock main event. Granted, WWE is trying to recreate the buy outs and money it made last year (which I predict will be astronomically lower). Theres pretty much no mystery left to the WWE Title story line now (there wasnt really any mystery prior to Rumble, everyone expected vince to let super cena win), its all but guaranteed that Cena will fight Rock and WM, and become the WWE Champ because Rock will in all likelihood no longer be around after WM. So my question is this, does this make the Elimination Chamber kind of pointless? We know rock will come away with the title. I mean maybe Lesnar and some other stars can save the PPV with hype, but the mainevent will be Rock and Punk. Does anyone else feel like the build up is going to be pointless and predictable?
A little but they'll have to skip this week's worth of build anyway due to Rock being unable to appear on RAW this week so it kind of works to just announce the re-match and then just expect a really good match from the two of them. Though personally, I feel like Punk without the title - being pissed off - has been pretty fresh truth be told (obviously he came off as being a bit pissed off before (but it seems even better now that's been going to the next level/has a big reason to be pissed)). The unpredictable route for WWE to take would be for Punk to win (which in my opinion is what they should do if Undertaker is possibly unable to compete this year as has been rumored - as it would easily set up a three way title match at 'Mania (which in my opinion would be much better than Cena-Rock 2) - as Rock would get his re-match at 'Mania and Cena would still be in the title match due to his title win). Hell even if Undertaker is able to compete at 'Mania this year and they intend to have him face Punk as has been rumored I think it would be quite the swerve to have Punk win the re-match @ Elimination Chamber (and then just have him lose it back to Rock on RAW the next night or another episode of RAW prior to 'Mania --- though at the same time that kind of defeats the fact that Punk was able to previously tout the fact that we aren't going to see that title passed around like a hot potato every week when he won the title in 2011 @ Survivor Series --- still, I wouldn't mind seeing the swerve of Punk winning the title at EC)...

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