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Re: Why does Kane get a free pass?

Originally Posted by The Aesthetic Ray View Post
Kane gets a "free pass" because of the versatility of his character. His willingness to keep on with WWE for damn near two decades through all of the bullshit gimmicks he's had to endure. Kane puts people over in a second, cleanly. Kane would go out there in a thong and job more than Tensai if it meant helping the company.

Meanwhile Cena throws his hissy fits on twitter if he even imagines that he might just possibly take a backseat to someone. He no sells matches and injuries, his gimmick isn't worth wiping with. Cena hasn't and probably never will do any of what Kane's done because he's simply not that talented or willing to.

He's the same store-brand Hulk Hogan he's been since '05.
That's just it though he doesn't do anything. People criticise back stage politics but sometimes its a good thing cus it stops Vince from doing shit. I look at Kane and I just feel like Glenn Jacobs has no ambition. He could have been the star of the ruthless aggression era. Instead he turned into a generic monster heel like Snitsky. Every Raw feels like deja vu with his move set. If I were Kane I would have said in 05 to Vince 'this non-masked thing aint working, I should go back to being the Big Red Machine'. Instead he just became complacent and happy to job to Mysterio and Khali. There's just no ambition to Jacobs.
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