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Re: Being the booker

A decent little Cena rap to open up the show and set the tone. Team Thuganomics wins, a good opener, Cena now gets a Championship shot at Armageddon, I reckon that HBK will retain the title but it will be a great match none the less.

Christian-Austin. This will be huge, Christian is going to become a major player very quickly if he isn't already in this show. Can't go wrong with pushing Christian, especially against Austin, it's a feud that's not been done before in BTB.

Now onto the Women's Match. Shaniqua out first!!! I didn't expect it but it was a smart piece of booking with the other divas all ganging up and eliminating the main threat. Trish retains the title, this is who I expected once Shaniqua was eliminated, I'm sure Trish hasn't seen the last of Shaniqua though.

I guess now you're working towards a Shawn Michaels-The Rock match for Wrestlemania I think. Can't go wrong with it, it's a match I really want to see, I almost done before in a previous thread and I'm sure down the road will probably do myself.

I'm a little surprised Chris Jericho is out first but it is the Survivor Series and things like this tend to happen. A good push for Paul London having a run to the end against JBL, always expected JBL to win but big things to come for London I predict.

Funny little WM22 Teaser, hopefully there's more to come

I'm glad Rhyno won this match, Booker-T as hardcore champion or as any kind of champion makes me sick. Well written match with a Survivor Series type edge to it having the elimination match.

Snitsky gets an elimination, what a surprise :P. WOW three eliminations by Benoit. Nice to see Benoit remain in the match with The Rock & Austin as if this was booked in WWE it'd probably only be Rock & Austin so that's refreshing.

Eddie Guerrero wins an amazing match and the WWE Championship in his last ever appearance in the thread. Nice stuff to see, the belt will now be vacated. Probably the best thing you could've done as I like many others expected him to lose.

LOL Christian beats The Undertaker again. Absolutley awesome the push for Christian continues. Aww the only time I'm sad about Christian winning is when he beats Orton, still Orton looked quite good and the match was off the chart. Lovely work, hopefully Foley gets to come back at some point though, I'm sure he will.

All in all a great show, one of the best I've read, with some great matches that were all well written as usual, each promo was spot on, personally I can't find a fault in it so I don't see how anyone else can.
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