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Re: Best match in IYH history

There have been some truly excellent ones. First ever HIAC between Shawn and Taker at Bad Blood, Mankind vs Shawn from Mind Games, the 5 on 5 tag with the Hart Foundation at Canadian Stampede, the unsanctioned tag match at No Way Out, both of Austin vs Dude Love's matches from Unforgiven and Over the Edge, the Taker/Austin Buried Alive match at Rock Bottom, Rock/Mankind Last Man Standing from St. Valentine's Day Massacre (which also featured Austin vs Vince in a cage), and of course, Austin vs Rock Wrestlemania 15 rematch at Backlash. And these are just the main events.

I dunno...its so hard to pick one. A lot of people are going to say the HIAC from Bad Blood because of the precedent it set for years to come, and I completely agree with them. At the same time, hidden gems like Shawn/Mankind or the unsanctioned tag match really do deserve recognition for just how good they were (or at least, how good I thought they were).

I'm gonna have to go with HIAC Taker/Shawn. I still love these other matches and have a blast watching them, but Taker/Shawn was not only amazing, but its historically significant. That helps it take first place.

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