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Re: Beginners Guide To New Japan

Originally Posted by Issues_Sunshyne View Post
Great thread.

I've watched half of the recent Tokyo Dome shows and what I saw, I thoroughly enjoyed. I have some questions as I am a completely new to it all, apart from the odd match, if anyone would be able to answer them for me? I don't want to turn this thread into a newbie asking daft questions though.

I've made the effort to watch more wrestling this year, but I feel like there is so much I can't keep up. You can legitimately watch an hour of wrestling a night and still not take it all in. I think NJPW is one I'm going to really make an effort with though.
Whatcha wanna know?

Before you ask - acquire the DVDVR 175 Best NJPW Matches of the 1980s. It's in full on PWT. Then dig a Ditch for the best of the rest. NJPW has changed drastically in periods... Which I've written out on my phone for some reason (my own enjoyment/boredom while waiting for something):

Inception-'79: Classic strong style (Inoki! Sakaguchi! Gaijin!)
80-82: (Inoki! Gaijin! IWE! Fujinami!)
83-84: Choshuism! Tiger Mask! First golden age! (Choshu Revolution! Choshu and Fujinami make each other! Tiger Mask! Inoki! Gaijin!)
85: UWF team AND Choshu's stable leave. (AKA Inoki! Gaijin! Fujinami!)
86-87: UWF vs NJPW Hybrid Style! Second golden age! (Maeda! Fujiwara! Takada! Fujinami! Inoki! Choshu returns in '87!)
88-92: Power Wrestling/New Generation Rising (Maeda breaks Choshu's eye so UWF leave for good! Fujinami's hernia leaves him permanently injured so Choshu is new ace! Vader! So begins the pushes of Mutoh, Hashimoto, Chono, Hase, Liger, Nogami, Sano, etc.
93-94: Hatred! Stiffness! WAR Feud! (Tenryu and friends vs Choshu, Fujinami, The 3 Musketeers and friends.
94-97: 3 Musketeers and Junior Madness! UWFi feud! (Mutoh is Muta is superstar! Chono is a heel! Ace Hashimoto shatters box office records! Liger! Ohtani! El Samurai! Kanemoto!)
97-2000: NWO! (Chono redefines what a heel is! Mutoh is a superstar! Fake Sting! Kensuke kills a guy; gets rewarded with unstoppable push! Inoki retires; starts killing his company beginning with Hashimoto! Ogawa! Don Frye!)
2000-2006: Slow deterioration, mass exodus of many superstars and fans, and near death of company via Inoki's idea that pro wrestling and MMA can coexist in the same company, his making insane decisions that killed many wrestlers momentum and did permanent damage in many regards! (Botched rise of failed fourth generation: Tenzan, Nakanishi, Nagata, Nishimura. Also, Chono! Later, rise of 'New 3 Musketeers' Tanahashi, Nakamura, Shibata. Shibata, like many before and after him, bounced in 2004. Team 2000! BATT! Makai Club! CTU! BLACK!)
2007-2012: Yukes taakes over and begins Four Heroes era of safety and rebuilding via Jado & Gedo booking. (Tanahashi, Nakamura, Makabe, Goto. Old stars return! Gaijin! RISE! LEGEND! GBH! CHAOS!)
2012-Present: Bushiroad owned and operated; new golden age?

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