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Re: "It's working? Let's ruin it!" - TNA

Originally Posted by TehBrain View Post
Lax had what, 4 different reformations after the original with Konnan? The crap with Anarchia (worst wrestler ever) and the chicks was just too much, they went at least one reformation to far with that group tbh.
Homicide and Hernandez = LAX. Mexican American & TexMex = Shite.

Originally Posted by NightRanger View Post
Once Konnan left LAX, it was dead. Neither Homicide or Hernandez could talk and their credibility was low when they didn't have Konnan getting heat for them.
Originally Posted by TasteOfVenom View Post
LAX was dead after Konnan left. They tried adding Salinas, Hector Guerrero, and nothing could pull of LAX like Konnan did.
Originally Posted by joeisgonnakillyou View Post
- LAX died once konan left
That's a pretty popular myth on the net. However, it's just a myth.
While the whole thing with Konnan was a great storyline, it was just a storyline aka the best chapter of their great gimmick. L.A.X. was never in that 'Die Rocky Die' or 'X-Pac heat' or 'Dead crowd' territory. L.A.X. 2008 was TNA's top babyface team, one of their top merch sellers and over with everyone (internet fans and the crowd). And you call that 'dead'?

Originally Posted by Zig-Kick. View Post
Storyline development dumbass.
Wrestlers need to change, some of them will end up better, some will end up worse.
Not every breakup is gonna be as productive as Beer Money or The Hardy Boyz, things might work to begin with, doesn't mean you shouldnt change them. Cena was fantastic in 2006-2008, he's terrible now. Because he's stale.

If they didn't split up teams and change characters we'd have had "Stunning steve austin", Hunter hearst helmsley, and rocky mavia.
Get some business sense.
Originally Posted by TasteOfVenom View Post
If Hollywood Blondes never broke up we might not have had Austin. If APA never broke up we would never have had the awesomeness that was JBL, if Team 3D never broke up Bully might not be in the best shape of his career and doing Bully Ray.
Originally Posted by BoogieWoogie View Post
Yes, TNA ruins everything.
They had a successful team, Team 3D, and then decided to break it up - and see how bad that turned out.
And then they had another successful team, Beer Money. They decided to break up that too - and that turned out really bad too.

Yeah, TNA ruins everything...
Do you guys understand that you basically compare SCSA, Bully Ray, etc to Rob Fucking Terry and Hernandez? Can you see the difference? I'm not saying 'Breaking good stuff up is wrong', I'm saying - 'Turning good/passable stuff into fucking shit is wrong'. And TNA loves doing that for whatever reason.

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