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Re: "It's working? Let's ruin it!" - TNA

Originally Posted by MTheBehemoth View Post
Why they keep doing this? I mean, stuff like this:

L.A.X. - Great gimmick, hiding Hernandez' suckyness, selling merch very well (according to 2008 reports), over. What are we gonna do with them? Let's break them up, push Hernandez and... FAIL! FAK!

The Beautiful People (Angelina and Sky) - Great gimmick, hiding Velvet's suckyness, over. What are we gonna do with them? Break them up, ruin Angelina Love's career(thanks Russo) and push Velvet Fucking Sky to the moon. Alright, Velvet might be over ( with fat teenage chicks and horny fuckers) , but TBP gimmick was just as over except it was.. you know... GOOD aka not shitty as all hell like Velvet's matches and promos. FAK!

And it looks like it's gonna happen yet again. Robbie E and Robbie T - Fun gimmick, hiding Robbie E's And Rob Terry's suckyness, over. What are we gonna do with them? Apparently, we're gonna break them up and push Rob freaking Terry... Wow... Because it worked so well in 2010, right TNA? FAK!

Why TNA keeps doing this? I just don't get it. I really don't...
Originally Posted by MTheBehemoth on thread called "it's working" View Post

Robbie E and Robbie T


As NightRanger said, Konnan was the number one thing keeping LAX legit, and turning them face EVER was just awful. Yes, they were cool, I fucking loved them and I'm sure they were over, but they were done at that point. Keeping Homicide and Hernandez together was bad because neither had any mic skills, it's true. That's why you have motherfucking Chavo being Hernandez's mouthpiece. Not TNA's fault.

Velvet Sky draws dude, every time she's on TV ratings go uphill. Don't trip. :ass

Robbie E and Robbie T have always sucked due to an insane lack of talent from both.

Awful thread, to be expected from yourself.

th sad truith that al of u cant ceem to grrasp is dat wrestlig is getig les poplar each day and no bodde caires abot it

vinse is senile at this poiint and th growth of tna has pleateuaed nd roh has nevr bin mor than his a crapy cult
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