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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

Originally Posted by The Pied Piper View Post
Fact 1: Taker has never once faced a WWE Icon at Wrestlemania. Hogan, Bret, Austin, Rock, and Lesnar, he missed 'em all.

Fact 2: Cena is a WWE Icon.

Conclusion: Taker will never face Cena at Wrestlemania.

I think it's you who has something to deal with, brother.

Besides, if it's money you're talking about, Rock/Cena 3 also screams money cause the casuals will eat up anything WWE throw at them. I mean, just look at Taker/HHH 3, casuals were pumped for them.
Iíve said this so many times Undertaker never faced those guys at WM because when they were around the streak wasnít a big selling point for WM yet. Back when Hogan was full time when Taker was there Undertaker was only 2-0 the streak didnít mean jack shit then. Taker wasnít really a big main eventer until 1997 after WM 13 and in 1997 Bret Left so he couldnít face him. The streak didnít become a selling point for WM until WM 21 and by that time Austin was retired and Rock left for Hollywood. Im pretty sure if Austin didnít retire and Rock stayed that they would have had their shot at the streak. John Cena has even said it himself that he would like to face Undertaker at WM 30. The match is gonna happen itís a big money match that both Taker, Cena, and Vince knows about. It will happen WM 30 bank on it.
It would be for the first time they have a face of the company guy vs the streak

cena wants to face Undertaker at wm 30 he said it right here


Vince, Cena, and Taker knows it a big money match waiting to happen. Vince is not gonna pass up on that opportunity ok. UNDERTAKER VS JOHN CENA WILL HAPPEN AT WM 30 do you understand what im saying to you right now. That match = lots of money and Vince loves money and if cena even said he wants nothing to do with the streak thats too bad he doesnt have a choice of Vince says your facing Taker at WM 30 then he is its gonna happen at WM 30 deal with
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